Denver Rhinoplasty Specialists Can Improve Your Nose Appearance With Perfection

Life is full of uncertainty, and anything can happen even when you have no idea about it. An accident is an example of the uncertainty of life which can leave you with a facial deformity or breathing trouble after a tragic accident and you may undergo several surgeries before coming back to normal life. Various plastic surgeries may be required to look better after an accident. If you or your loved one is facing such a situation then you can choose the services of Denver rhinoplasty specialists for better nose appearance.

It is not all about better appearance when you choose a rhinoplasty surgeon you can also have a consultation with the surgeon if you are suffering from breathing problems, want to support an aging, drooping nose, or is looking to correct a birth deformity. It is important to ensure that efficient breathing is as high a priority as the appearance and for this combined services of a cosmetic surgeon and nasal surgeon is required, and this is what a rhinoplasty surgeon does.

Rhinoplasty is an individualized surgery which involves consultation with a surgeon to improve the appearance of a nose and a breathing assessment. The patient and surgeon consider several factors like the skin type, ethnic background, and age while discussing cosmetic surgery option. The surgeon will also have a deep discussion regarding the potential risks and benefits of the surgery. Young patients generally should not have work on their nose until their facial bones are fully developed at 15-16 years of age except in cases of significant breathing impairment or to correct a deformity or injury. You can choose to have a consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon in case you are suffering from:

Chronic stuffy nose: Many patients suffer from recurring nasal stiffness or obstruction. Nasal obstruction can be a structural problem inside the nose or can be caused by allergies, chronic sinus inflammation, or other conditions. The most common reason of blockage has deviated septum which is a wall that separates the two sides of the nose. The septum can be crooked or bent due to abnormal growth or injury. About 80 percent of people are suffering from some degree of septal deviation, but if the deviated septum is causing breathing obstruction it can be corrected with a surgical procedure called septoplasty, and when the procedure includes a cosmetic surgery then the combination procedure is named as a septorhinoplasty.

Aging nose: Aging is a common cause of nasal obstruction, and this happens when cartilage in the nose and its tips got weakened by age and droop due to gravity resulting in some collapse of the nostrils leading to airflow blockage.

Narrow nostrils or nasal valve collapse can lead to airflow blockage when the openings of the nose try to close while breathing. The cartilages of the nostrils may collapse while breathing in. The external adhesive nasal strips that are mostly worn by athletes or at night to improve breathing might be helpful.

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