Debunking 5 Addiction Recovery Myths

Addiction recovery myths can prevent many individuals from seeking treatment and recovery. Every case of addiction is different, and it is the individual struggling with it, who needs to take responsibility for recovery.

Unfortunately, there are several myths and misconceptions around the subject. Here is the truth about various addiction recovery myths.

Myth 1 – Relapse is normal

One of the common addiction recovery myths is that ‘relapse is a normal’ and even expected. While relapse happens to some people in recovery, it is not fair to assume that it is an expected part of the process. Such a belief can set a dangerous expectation for recovering individuals. It may even encourage self-defeating behaviors, and even lead to caregivers waiting and accepting the relapse instead of trying to prevent it.

Myth 2 – Relapse equals failure

At the same time, it’s important for those in recovery as well as their caregivers to know that if relapse occurs, it does not mean failure in recovery. Such thinking will only add to the shame and guilt that can come with addiction. It can make the individual feel that there’s no point in trying again.

Myth 3 – Before seeking help, you must hit rock bottom

Another common myth is that the person with an addiction issue has to hit ‘rock bottom’ before they can begin working towards recovery. This may be true for some people but it would be unfair to apply it to everyone. It would also prevent caregivers from helping the person seek help before they reach a dangerous level in addiction.

Myth 4 – There’s only one way to stop

This is not true. Modern and successful recovery programs and rehabs employ a combination of various treatments and therapies to help an individual get rid of the drug and maintain recovery in the long-term. Therapies may include individual and group counseling, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, life skills training, yoga and so much more. The entire program is designed keeping in mind the needs and goals of the individual in recovery.

Myth 5 – Recovery equals deprivation

Some people are hesitant to enter a rehab due to the misconception about recovery itself. They think recovery equals a lifelong deprivation of the substance as well as other things they love in their lives.

While avoiding the addictive substance is important, the best recovery programs, such as at Pacific Bay recovery in San Diego, encourage the recovering individual to look at it as a life choice. This is different from deprivation, rather an understanding of the price of addiction.

Learning the truth behind common addiction myths is only the first step. The second is actually seeking help at a trusted rehab. Do it TODAY!

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