Correct Understanding of Chronic Prostatitis And Sexual Dysfunction

Prostatitis is a problem that many men will have, but many patients do not take the disease in mind, which makes it difficult to treat completely. No timely treatment will lead to other parts of infection, leading to irreparable consequences, of which sexual dysfunction is one of the hazards that can not be ignored.

Therefore, early treatment is the key. Antibiotics can be used in the acute stage of prostatitis. But if people do not take the medication in time, it will turn into chronic prostatitis, and the treatment will be more difficult.

Because antibiotics are difficult to penetrate the prostate, traditional Chinese medicine treatment can be selected, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The effect is good, and it will not relapse. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It can treat not only the lesion site but also inhibit the further spread of inflammation.

If chronic prostatitis is not treated, will it cause sexual dysfunction?

Experts say that many patients with chronic prostatitis will have varying degrees of sexual dysfunction, such as spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, impotence and so on. Theoretically speaking from western medicine, chronic prostatitis does not directly damage the neurovascular function of penile erection.

However, due to long-term discomfort, psychological pressure is often generated in patients, resulting in depression and worry. Notably, patients who do not understand the nature of the disease often think that their sexual function has problems. Over time, mental factors can reduce the sexual desire of patients and cause sexual dysfunction.

In a word, chronic prostatitis will have a particular impact on sexual function. Still, most patients with chronic prostatitis can complete normal sexual life, and even some patients with severe prostatitis, sexual function is not affected at all.

Therefore, patients with chronic prostatitis should be treated actively. At the same time, they should be relieved of unnecessary ideological concerns, understand the relevant medical knowledge, and accept particular psychological treatment when necessary. Reasonable and moderate sexual life will not aggravate prostatitis and play a positive role in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.

Generally speaking, the ways to prevent chronic prostatitis are as follows:

1. Do moderate exercise and not to be sedentary

For some office workers sitting in the office all day or taxi drivers, especially do not sit for along time. Because sitting for a long time will lead to male perineum and pelvic bleeding, which will lead to prostatitis’s recurrence. People can do moderate exercises, such as jogging, swimming, etc. When the human body is in a state of movement, the blood circulation of the whole body will be accelerated, and the local congestive state of pelvic cavity and prostate will be reduced.

2. Arrange reasonable sexual intercourse

Moderate sexual life not only will not aggravate the disease but will help the recovery of prostatitis. Reasonable discharge of prostatitis can not only relieve the feeling of fullness of the prostate, but also promote the renewal of prostatic fluid, which is more conducive to the rehabilitation of prostatitis.

3. Stop spicy and irritating food

Because spicy food can make blood vessels dilate, so that there is inflammation of the prostate congestion edema, leading to male dysuria and a series of frequent urination, urgency symptoms occur. Although the alcohol content of beer is low, the results are the same if to a certain amount.

4. Relax and have a positive mood

Men must have a correct understanding of prostatitis, do not carry a heavy ideological burden; if this leads to depression or anxiety, it is not worth it.

Prostatitis is not a severe disease, but it will have a positive impact on health, only timely regular treatment can avoid unnecessary consequences.

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