Can Blocked Fallopian Tubes Affect Your Ovarian Function?

A fallopian tube is an organ in a woman’s body. It is responsible for providing a bonding site for sperm and eggs and transporting fertilized eggs to the uterus. It is like a bridge, connecting the ovary and uterine cavity, and building a life channel for fertility.

The ovary, a pair of parenchymal organs, and the mature eggs alternately discharged by the left and right ovaries every month are essential factors for the success of pregnancy. As long as the ovarian function is healthy, it will provide women with the opportunity of pregnancy as always.

As two connected but independent organs, they have always been complementary and tacit in their labor division to protect women’s pregnancy. But if the fallopian tube is blocked, will the ovarian function be affected?

In this regard, experts said, whether there is an impact entirely depends on your luck.

If you are so lucky that only one side of the fallopian tube is blocked, and the egg is placed on the healthy fallopian tube, there is the possibility of pregnancy. But if you are not so lucky, both sides of the fallopian tubes are blocked, or unilateral fallopian tube is blocked, the egg row in the blocked side, then the pregnancy naturally can not happen.

In fact, from the ovarian ovulation function, even if you have severe blocked fallopian tubes, it will not affect ovulation. But from the overall view of pregnancy, it can be related. The process of conception is very complicated, and every reproductive organ plays a vital role.

As mentioned at the beginning, the fallopian tube is responsible for providing a bonding site for sperm and eggs and transporting fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity. Once the fallopian tube is blocked, water, adhesion, inflammation and other problems will affect the combination of sperm and egg, hinder the pregnancy, resulting in female infertility.

Even if the sperm and egg are successfully combined to form a fertilized egg, if you have some fallopian tubal problems, which can hinder them successfully transported to the uterine cavity, the pregnancy cannot make a sound.

Besides, if the transportation of the fertilized egg is blocked, leading to the implantation in the fallopian tube, it may lead to ectopic pregnancy, which will cause severe damage to women’s health.

Thus, blocked fallopian tubes itself will not affect ovarian function, but it will pose a severe threat to the reproductive health of women’s volleyball team. Therefore, pregnant couples should not only pay attention to ovarian health but also pay attention to fallopian tube health, to lay a solid foundation for their pregnancy.

At present, for women with fertility needs but suffer from tubal obstruction, they can choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as herbal medicine Fuyan pill. Its function is to dredge the fallopian tube, clear the fallopian tube fluid (hydrosalpinx), remove blood stasis, remove toxins, and restore your reproductive system. At the same time, it improves your immunity and self-healing ability to have a better physical condition, natural pregnancy and healthy baby.

If the birth time is tight and some surgery or scar tissue causes the fallopian tube blockage, IVF can be selected. Because in the IVF assisted pregnancy process, sperm and eggs are taken out of the body, in the artificial environment of the embryo laboratory to complete combined fertilization. Then the cultured embryos are directly implanted into the female uterus for implantation and development. Because this process does not need the fallopian tube to participate, so even if the fallopian tube is blocked, it will not affect the pregnancy process.

Women must give enough attention to their health so that timely detection and timely treatment. They should not be hindered outside of pregnancy life because of tubal problems.

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