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Oral health is an important & often overlooked component of a person’s overall health & well-being. People are often unaware of the fact that oral hygiene can directly impact a person’s overall health in very direct ways. A healthy mouth & healthy body go hand in hand. It is rightly said “You are not healthy without good oral health” & is backed by various scientific evidences. Maintaining proper oral hygiene & paying regular visits to the best dental clinic in Jaipur is therefore deemed vital as it does more than just ensure you have a bright, white smile.

Some people however don’t look forward to dental appointments because of dental anxiety or phobia that result in avoidance of dental care. A trip to dentists is often anticipated to involve drills, pain & discomfort. As the technology is constantly evolving people with this unreasonable fear need to reconsider this old stereotype. Let us sneak a peek on the emerging dental technologies that intend to make patient’s experience comfortable.

Latest Dental Technologies

Dental Treatments in Jaipur make use of new technologies in dentistry to ensure world-class service to all our patients. These include:

Laser dentistry:

The discomforts involved in the dental procedures like filling cavities, reducing tooth sensitivity, teeth whitening etc can be eliminated by this powerful & safe no-drill dentistry. Laser dentistry is quick, painless & can effectively eliminate any form of bacteria without any complications. Moreover, multiple procedures can be scheduled for the patients on the same visit to the best dental clinic in Jaipur. Hence anyone who seeks a quick & comfortable experience with the dentist, laser dentistry is a viable option.

Digital X-Rays:

Dental X- rays were traditionally performed by a radiogram that exposed teeth to lots of harmful radiations. Digital X-rays on the contrary are faster and contain up to 90% less radiation. Moreover digital X-rays provide a clearer image of a person’s mouth to better asses & educate the patients regarding their oral health.


It is an enhanced Oral assessment system that centers on a handheld scope used by dentists to help visualize oral tissue abnormalities including cancer & pre cancer. The device is sensitive to abnormal tissue changes & the distinctive blue spectrum light causes the tissue to naturally fluoresce making it easier for dentists to detect any abnormalities.

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