7 Warnings Of Possible Health Risks

We now live in a time were health is most valuable. People are into many “pro-health” activities like sports and eating organic. However, despite our efforts to become completely healthy, there are health issues that can easily overlooked. Some can be very light but some can become severe.

Regardless of the health risk, we should take time to notice the signs. Unfortunately, most of us don’t even know the signs. We have been too busy with taking care of other things that we sometimes overlook our health.

Here are 7 warnings of possible health risks:

1. Irregularity with sleep

Lacking sleep or having a hard time trying to sleep or getting back to sleep can be traced back to stress. Physical and mental stresses are very common but also often overlooked or ignored. Sleeping helps lower stress. Not getting enough or any can cause stress build up. This leads to more lack of sleep. Lack of sleep lowers the immunities of the body making it vulnerable for diseases.

2. Getting the colds often

Being caught with colds often can be traced from weakened immunities. Although colds are common, catching it more often can be signs of issues with the anti-bodies in the system. Consulting with doctors can help identify the issues about weak immunities. Ignoring the problem might lead to catching more severe diseases.

3. Tired even after sufficient sleep

Most people can find the time to sleep six to eight hours. Some people, despite enough sleep, wake up having low energy and feeling exhausted. This may be caused by a thyroid issue. The body is not getting the appropriate amount of adrenaline which leaves the body leaving weak. Getting the thyroid check would be recommended.

4. Decrease in height

It may be uncommon but this case occurs with people who have bone issues. This can be caused by osteoporosis. Aside from the decreasing height, it can also lead to fragile bones which can be prone to fractures. Consulting the doctor is advised for such issues as well as having a modified or calcium rich diet.

5. Skin diseases

Finding skin irregularities such as eczema or acne frequently can mean two things. First would be that you are not taking care of your skin properly or not using the right skin care products. Second is that your body is undergoing heavy stress. It can be mental stress, physical stress, or the most common which is emotional stress. The body needs to detoxify and needs to relax. Take time away from what may cause the stress or do yoga to destress .

6. Cracking lips

The common case of cracking lips can be easily attributed to the weather. What is not known about this is the possibility of being deficient with vitamin B12. This can lead to other disorders such as blood diseases like anemia. It may also mean the possibility of lacking iron. This can be remedied with adjusting the diet. Going to the doctor is still best to learn further about the health issue.

7. Irregular urine color

We have regular urine color from day to day. Once you notice an irregularity with the color, it could actually mean something. It may sound odd at first but the color of urine is a great indicator of current health condition. It immediately reflects the status of the body. It is a great indicator of the hydration level. Getting enough water shows clear urine. The more water the body needs, the darker the tint of color of urine. If the body is getting plenty of water yet still show dark tintof color, it may be an issue with the kidney. Consult with the doctor regarding urine color and possible kidney failure.

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