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The Xbox was Microsoft’s first venture into video gaming market. It was released for the first time in 2001 and since then has undergone many variations. The latest version is the Xbox 360 has better storage capacity and excellent audio and video potential when compared to their first production. The device is a great investment as it is not only a wonderful gaming console but doubles as a full fledged DVD player too, helping to save on space, time and is a source of entertainment for all members of a family.

Xbox can often get corrupted with the green lights turning red one fine morning. Earlier on the only solution to get an Xbox repaired was to have it sent back to Microsoft and wait patiently till they set it right and return it. And to top it all you were expected to pay the to and fro shipping charges too. This meant spending a lot of money.

But with so many Xbox repair guides in the market today you will find that you can in all probability you fix the unit yourself. Try checking out one of these manuals and you will be astonished at how well explained and clear the instructions are. Follow them to the letter and very soon you will be back to your gaming sessions.

But do take care to ensure that you buy one of the good repair guides, because not all of them are what they claim to be. There are ever so many manuals in the market that you really have to do a lot of research before you decide to buy one. The best thing would be to enquire of friends who already have these guides whether they would recommend them or whether they would suggest that you buy something else.

Some Xbox repair guides will give you detailed instructions about how you can set your Xbox right. The contents include various headings like how you can fix problem of the console getting over heated, graphical errors and freeze ups. It also gives you instructions on how to set right the Xbox red ring of death commonly known as RRoD and help you fix things within a few hours at the most.

The do-it yourself step by step guide help you to understand your console thoroughly, and every new guide that is published is an improvement of those that came earlier. They even give you video instruction making things simpler for you.

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