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Video Game Tester may sound glamorous; however it can at times be a tedious job. As a tester you would be required at times play through the same levels many, many times over. Sometimes it can take this long just to identify all different bugs in the game. Many people imagine that video game testers spend their day playing through the latest and greatest new titles. While this may be true to some extent, many people don’t understand exactly how much work they will be doing while playing.

This site is your window into the world of becoming a video game tester. After trying a whole lot of different guides and spending a whole lot of money without any results. We decided to let you know what to look for out there and what to watch out for. We have accomplished that by reviewing the top video game testing resources. All of the games testing resources are great if you really want to become a game tester, but we do have separate reviews for each of the resources.

The transition to digital video requires a new class of test and measurement tools to accommodate new, faster and often more complex technologies. To keep pace, our customers are faced with building and new stuff as well as the challenge of keeping their staff current in the latest technology.

Video game testers find problems. To do that, they must take different approaches and test games in various ways. If there’s a problem with any aspect of the video game it’s the game tester’s responsibility to find it.

Some game testers focus on software or coding bugs. Software codes are the DNA of video games, controlling everything from the characters features and movements to the environment and storyline. Software bugs can cause a game to freeze up under certain conditions or make seemingly simple mistakes, such as miscalculating a score in a sports game.

Sometimes testers are assigned to test hardware such as controllers. To do this, the game tester might activate different combinations of buttons and triggers on the controller and observe the outcome. Other parameters include the ease of use and ergonomics, such as whether the controller is comfortable to use for long periods of time. Hardware testing might also include the use of accessories, such as memory cards to ensure performance.

Video game testers could also be called upon to work their way through various levels of a game like a typical customer and looking for bugs or offering observations on how the game plays.

Whenever a video game tester finds a bug or has other input, the tester and the on-site manager must complete a report to the game manufacturer. The report should include sharply detailed descriptions of what happened and when, as well as what other factors might be associated with the issue. This is where good communication skills come in. Only through such detailed reports can coding experts and others fix the problems testers identify.

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