Sexy Costumes: Video Game Inspiration

Halloween is a great excuse to buy sexy costumes, even if you won’t be limiting yourself to dressing up only on October 31. Why not spice up your love life with a little dress up every now and again, right? However, if you are tired of all the classic Halloween costumes then why not look to an unlikely source for inspiration: video games.

Female video game characters are becoming sexier and sexier, portraying strong women who can hold their own against the toughest villains. The pioneer of the strong, sexy female video character is of course Lara Croft, who was admirably portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the two Tomb Raider movies but since then dozens more have been born.

  1. Lara Croft takes the first spot as inspiration for sexy costumes because we have to give her credit for being the first. Consider copying some of the Lara Croft outfits from the movies and not only will you look stunning but you can also get away with a pretty cheap outfit. A tank top, shorts and a gun belt with a pair of heavy boots and you will be the perfect Lara Croft. Now, if you can emulate some of her stunts maybe you should consider auditioning for the part.
  2. Blood Elf Sexy Costumes. World of Warcraft has taken the world by storm with millions of people playing every day. One of the sexier races are the Blood Elves and the fact that the females can kick butt just as well as the males makes them an extremely attractive option for a Halloween costume.
  3. Princess Farah Sexy Costumes. The Prince of Persia franchise has always been extremely popular and the new release of the game brings us the very sexy Princess Farah. You can easily pull this costume off with an Arabian harem costume or something similar.
  4. Bloodrayne Sexy Costumes. A popular role playing game, Bloodrayne stars a hot female vampire who takes on more villains than you can count. The combination of slightly evil but strong main character makes Rayne a great option for a Halloween costume.
  5. Final Fantasy Sexy Costumes. There are so many female characters in this video game that it’s almost impossible to single out just one as inspiration. However, we are convinced that you will find one to suit your tastes and recreate a stunning Halloween costume that will have all the gamers following you around like puppies.

A quick internet search will reveal many more characters you can take inspiration from to create sexy costumes for Halloween so that you are not wearing the same outfit as everyone else. How many French maids do you really need at the same party? And what is with the out of control Playboy bunny population?

There are so many characters that can inspire sexy costumes that one wonders why our imagination is limited to the few costumes retailers make available. It’s almost as if we are trying to play it safe even while wearing sexy Halloween costumes. So step out of your comfort zone this Halloween and try something new.

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