Sega Retro Adventure Games Online and Other Classic Options

Retro games have a certain charismatic appeal, the charm of which is hard to resist. Even younger adults also sometimes are spotted indulging in sega retro adventure games online, but it is the older crowd that finds it intriguing. Nostalgic gaming sentiments compel us to search for retro collections both online and offline.

Let’s roll our eyes over a few most popular retro games presently available on Android.


Castlevania Symphony of the Night is readily available these days with modern add-ons without compromising on the classic one. You can add more thrill to the gaming session, several attachments, and on-screen game controllers. Support for six languages is available.

SEGA Forever Games

The SEGA Forever collection boasts of a fascinating and compelling stock on retro games of this genre. A few retro titles worth mentioning here are Kid Chameleon, Phantasy Star ll, Altered Beast, Sonic the Hedgehog etc. All these feature a set of unique mechanics, different from one another. These are available for Android and you can also check the sega mega drive games for sale available at certain reliable classic game stores.


It is a classic gaming option you have to play on Android. The retro graphics featured are worth appreciating. Play it in creative mode. Either you can craft quirk things via this video game or deal with Creepers for getting a slice of adrenaline rush.

The list also includes several other notable retro game titles like Old School RuneScape, Friday the 13th, Sky Force Reloaded, Star Wars: KOTOR 1 & 2, Crossy Road, etc.

Types or Genres of Retro Games: In a Nutshell

It will be indeed interesting to take a brief note of the type of retro games here. Let us see in how many categories one can segment the versatile collection of classic video games.

Fighting or Action Retro Games

These fast-paced action games are typically two-player competitive video games. Fighting genre games happen to be the most popular game genre that is engineered to beat the opponent till one proves its dominance over the co-player. The rise of 3d graphics these days further popularized this gaming genre. Super Smash Bros. deserves a special mention when it comes to the most sought-after classic game consoles.

Nintendo, Karate Champ, Street Fighter II, and Yie Ar Kung Fu are popular examples.

Survival Games or Horror Ones

The first Resident Evil formulated the term “Survival Horror”. During 1996, it steadily escalated to popularity resembling Resident Evil, which earned it a common nickname Resident Evil Clone.

Console-based horror survival games intend to make the player feel insecure, uncomfortable by creating weird camera angles and limiting the number of weapons or equipment available. This genre aims at making you feel scared of the unknown.

Haunted House and Halloween, Alone In The Dark, Capcom’s Suite Home, and Shadow Of The Comet, are some of the popular horror survival retro games.

Platforming Games

One of the most preferred video game genres, Platforming games still constitute a quintessential part of modern gaming culture. Older platforms games essentially revolved around hopping from one platform to another using ladders. It is the environment that is the challenge in such games and not an enemy encounter.

Put your moving ability through a situation tactic to test with games like Pitfall and Bionic Commando, Donkey Kong, Jump Bug, the Super Mario Bros., and Sonic the Hedgehog series. Grab a suitable retro game console and have a thrilling session of “hop and bop” platform games.

Wrapping Up

With online and offline game stores more inclined to stock up their arsenals with the latest gaming options, the classic collection is now disappearing faster. Retro Adventure owner also had this serious complaint against the non-availability of the classic video games.

Being a well-versed classic gamer, he decided to not compromise on his passion for retro games. and set up an online hub, flaunting a versatile collection of all popular electronic games.

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