PSP – All-In-One Connectivity Device

What more could you ask from Sony than the PSP 3000 which not only boasts the best in ultimate gaming, but also allows you to stay connected at times when you need it most. If you’re still relying on your SideKick to serve as you all-in-one connectivity device (e.g. instant messaging, chat, phone), you’re missing out on what PSP 3000 has to offer.


The Best in Gaming & Connectivity


PSP 3000 isn’t just a device for you to destroy your components on; it does in fact come bundled with set of connectivity tools like no other.


Internet Connectivity: Looking for the latest cheat codes? With the push of a button, PSP 3000 allows you to connect to the Internet with its seamless web browsing. Unlike most cell phone devices your browser is typically limited in terms of what is shown on your screen. Most graphics are severely limited as well as other features such as JavaScript, etc. Yet PSP 3000 is unlike any “regular” device as it features Wi-Fi access allowing you to connect to web through your favorite wireless hot spot.


Skype: I bet you didn’t think that you could not only play video games, but also make calls on your favorite gaming device? Fortunately you can with the PSP 3000. Even better, with Skype technology you can take to anyone, anywhere in the world through your device. While calls are FREE to anyone on the Skype network and the PSP system, you also have the ability to place calls to landlines and mobile phones too. Need to know how to make it to the next level CapCom? Go ahead and call your friend!


Remote Play: PSP 3000 features the ability to not only connect for your Playstation console, but also access the tons of videos, pictures, and music stored inside. Considered to be a portable digital living room, PSP 3000 even has the ability to turn on or turn off your Playstation remotely. The ability to function through remote play however requires that you have access to wireless internet.


RSS Feeds: PSP 3000 allows you to stay on top of everything — including the latest breaking news, video, radio, and podcasts through the power of RSS (Really Simple Syndication). PSP 3000 provides RSS content through streaming mode or the ability to save it on a memory stick.


With some much technology packed into a tiny handheld device, PSP 3000 has proven time and time again that it is more than just a gaming console.

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