Preparation is Key to Finding Video Game Tester Jobs

Despite the allure of the job title, video game tester jobs are no different than any others. They can bore you to tears. For an ardent gamer who enjoys the competitive thrill of playing these incredible games, having a job as a game tester sounds like dying and going to heaven; fun all day long, and for pay! Many with jobs as video game testers enjoy their work; but they know that the career is not suitable for everyone. It takes a certain special mindset.

When you’re playing video games, it’s exciting. You’re in control. You’re pitting your intelligence and speed against a virtual enemy. It can be heart-pounding fun. It sounds glamorous to be able to play these amazing games for a living; but it’s really just a job, and can be extremely tiring. When you’re gaming for fun, you’re in charge. You play when you want to. When you get bored, you do something else. Not so with video game tester jobs. You’ll be playing the same game over and over again, not for fun, but to find bugs in the game so they can be corrected. After a while, it’s not fun-it’s work.

Having said all that, it probably makes you think that video game tester jobs are really lousy ones. Well, that’s not true either. You simply have to understand that it is a real job. It’s work; not play. Game testers are not hired to enjoy the game; they’re hired to work at making it a better game. If you love to play video games and would like a job where you can be exposed to the newest games while understanding that it is a job with responsibilities, you can have a good career and make an excellent income by becoming a professional game tester. It’s not that difficult to get into the business.

The following seven-step process has been found to be an excellent way to get that first job as a game tester. It’s all about preparation and presentation. Take some time and give it a serious look.

1. Make sure you’re the type that really enjoys playing video games. If you don’t seriously enjoy playing, you’ll end up hating the job. You’re job will be to put in a long day playing and replaying the same game in order to find problems and help eliminate them. When the problem is fixed, you’ll test again to make sure it’s gone.

2. Make sure that you understand that when you’re testing, video games are simply software files, not games. You’ll be playing, not for enjoyment, but as a sleuth looking for problems with the software. You’ll be expected to learn all of the functions of a software tester. As you become more proficient at finding bugs, you’re reputation and income will grow.

3. Prepare to be flexible. Don’t take jobs as a game tester from just one company. It may sound like a great career move working for one of the big three gaming companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, but there are many other companies out there that are up and coming firms. Working for them may offer you better opportunities for career growth.

4. Try to gain some game testing experience before you write up your resume. There are often opportunities for beta game testing that are unpaid. Working on a few of these will give you excellent experience and solid resume material.

5. Learn all you can about the video game industry itself. Knowing how games are developed, made, shipped, and sold will go a long way in impressing a prospective employer with you capabilities and interest, giving you a leg up on other applicants.

6. Decide which of the gaming companies you’d most like to work for. Not all companies allow testing from home. Many have on site testing departments. You have to decide if you’re the type to work in an office, or if you’re one who would prefer to work at home.

7. Create an excellent resume and cover letter. It should show your passion for video games with a special emphasis on your understanding of the importance of game testing, and your experience and training that make you a candidate for such a position. A well thought out and neatly presented resume can make a world of difference, and separate you from the crowd of applicants for video game tester jobs.

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