Neverwinter New Games Are Coming

No, this is no longer the old Neverwinter Nights series, today’s role has become more and more action games begin…The NW is a new “co-op will be role-playing by RA Salvatore has recently published a new trilogy inspired.”

“The once bustling city experienced many disasters over the past few years.” – Read the official description. “Neverwinter last leadership after the death of the city remained quite uncertain, some of the factions are still fighting to obtain the power of the overwhelming mágiapestis (Spellplague) after a serious blow to the local population.”

The city has experienced a lot of fresh start, even in his own time is up dead, their homes to attack the former …

NW is the first game (Neverwinter Nights), BioWare has done it, they took over the baton to the Obsidian, who NWN2: Storm of Zehir meet all of the add-ons. A complement to the last official game, which was sold only online, the Ossian Studios threw up. Now a completely new developer’s hands is given the prominent role of the Forgotten Realmses series, we hope we can find in it something in the atmosphere of old games.
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True to the series were tripping (for example, trading in the Storm of the unbalanced Zehirben or caste, but the latter is not a single so much trouble), but could love. The Crypticesek expressed how honored they feel that they are entrusted with the prestigious series. “We worked closely with Wizards of the Coasttal Salvatorével RA and that a truly authentic D & D Let us make gripping adventure story and exciting gameplay.”

As for the old-fashioned be cause for serious concern, as it turned out that only 5 character classes to choose from and the usual approx. 30-40’s instead (give or take prestige classes). This 5-(warrior, mage, archer, cleric and thief), enough to point out that everyone has different “profession”, in fact some idea of 5-person teams. If there is not enough of a common friend of adventures, accompanied by AI characters. It largely derived from that you probably will not be blessed with great background story companion NPCs with whom we have a conversation and connection can be established.

Positive, however, that the game will be a very easy to use tartalomszerkeszQje, which will hear the name of the Forge.

The article, written by Salvatore said at the beginning of the first part of the trilogy Neverwinter Gauntlgrym will be on 5 October this year, which will be displayed. This will give the game sztorijának foundations. The official website has been launched, as well as Facebook and Twitter page as well.

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