Instructions to Upgrade Computer Components to Play Today’s Hot Game

In recent times, many hot titles appear with relatively high configuration requirements compared to previous games such as PUBG, so the configuration of the old gaming computer cannot play smoothly. This game so the solution is that you should upgrade your computer to meet the configuration of the game.

However, to upgrade somewhat not everyone knows and not everyone can choose good components to upgrade. This article will help you upgrade your computer configuration according to the games you want to play and how to choose the best components.

How to upgrade your computer effectively?

The short time it took to upgrade was very popular, not just the people who specialized in upgrading computers. Many people understand that their computers are weak not because they are inferior but because they use software that consumes more resources.

Most clearly in the gaming, as previously not developing online games, the offline games consume very little resources and can play smoothly, after the online games gradually appeared such as raid, fifa, lol, by then we had gotten a computer that had become slower to run these games. So far, there are many other titles that appear and require more terrible configuration such as PUBG.

Because of this, you need to know what your current configuration is, and then you see the minimum configuration that the manufacturer offers to play the game you want to play. From there you compare the required configuration of the game with the machine configuration so that you can upgrade accordingly.

You should note that, in addition to gaming, you also have many other activities on the machine, so when upgrading you should upgrade to a higher configuration with the game’s max setting configuration to be able to run in parallel with other applications, avoid freezing or jerking the screen.

For today’s games, mostly require high graphics card and RAM, and another part about the CPU for the game to work more smoothly. So you only need to upgrade the video card and RAM is enough to meet the configuration of the game, if possible, upgrade the processor chip to best optimize your gaming experience.

How to choose a replacement component so that it is reasonable

With each different game there will be different configuration requirements, so you need to rely on the actual needs as well as the requirements of the game to be able to choose the right computer or upgrade components. So that reasonable, avoid upgrades to unnecessary components wasting money and resources.

You need to identify the games you will play to be able to determine the game’s configuration requirements so that you can compare and upgrade your computer to be able to play all the games well, there.

For example, PUBG configuration is a core i3 chip or higher, 6 GB or more RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB graphics card or higher. Then you go to see the current configuration of the machine to compare each hardware and then do not meet, please upgrade that part. This is the most economical upgrade way for you.

You should choose reputable stores to upgrade to help you choose the best quality products to be able to run stably when used.

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