Improve Your Chances of Becoming a Nintendo Game Tester

Securing a job as a Nintendo game tester is the dream of many video game enthusiasts. If you’d really like to become a game tester for Nintendo, it won’t happen by simply wishing for it. You’re going to have to work at it really hard. You going to have to find a way to move to the head of the pack of applicants for every job posting for Nintendo game testers. You might significantly improve your chances at achieving your career goals if you proceed using the following steps.

Step 1. Make a list of all the game development companies within travel distance from your home or in a geographical area to which you would not mind moving. Find out the names of all the companies that develop games for Nintendo. Add their websites to your list of favorites and check them out every few days for the latest job postings. Games are being developed all the time.

Step 2. Keep in mind that there are many others out in the job seeking world just like you. They also are looking to become a game tester for Nintendo. If you see a job posting, don’t procrastinate. Apply right away. Having your resume be the first to appear on a recruiter’s deck can go a long way toward getting it reviewed and you getting an interview. Make sure that your resume emphasizes that you have good communication skills, extreme patience, and pay excellent attention to detail.

Step 3. Get to know who at the game developer’s personnel office is in charge of selecting candidates. Send them an introductory letter. Call if you can. It will get your name recognized and show that you are sincerely interested in the position. If you can develop a relationship with this person, so much the better.

Step 4. Stand out from the crowd of applicants. Take them by surprise. Offer to work for them as a Nintendo game tester for a certain time for nothing, just to prove your worth. This will show your determination and dedication to your pursuit and just may make the difference in choosing you for the position. Send a note saying “I’m bugging you for a debugging job.”

Nothing in this world comes easy. There will be a lot of competition for any Nintendo game tester’s job posted. Think about the above four steps when you begin your search. Get out there and work your way to the front of the line whenever you apply for your dream job.

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