HTML5 is the future and present of game development

HTML5 is the future and present of game development


    It was a time when Steve Jobs refused to allow Flash on iOS devices, he disputed that HTML5 could do everything Flash did. He wasn’t being entirely honest the certainty buckle field was strong that day but ultimately Adobe lost and Apple won. HTML5 is not like Flash but is the technology that’s renovating the web. So what exactly is it, and what does it want from us? and why a HTML5 game development company.   

    Why HTML5?   

    The company which develops popular engines for 3D and 2D games presented its new version during the GDC 2014 Unity Technology Conference. A Unity Player plugin in Unity 5, which allows running in-browser games enlarged in that engine, has been restored with an HTML5 exporter using WebGL. Furthermore Unreal Engine, Epic Games has been working on its migration to HTML5 for a long time. It’s the latest version which is similar to Game Maker, a popular editor, and engine used for 2D games development, Unreal Engine 4 provides support for this technology as well.  

    Besides those superior engines, a lot of frameworks and engines destined for developing games strictly in HTML5/JavaScript, or tools fanatical to exporting games to HTML5 are arising Some of the most accepted ones are graded below:  


  • Construct 2
  •  Impact JS
  •  Babylon
  •  Pixi.js
  •  Phaser 
  • Turbulenz

    It is important mentioning that society ports libraries from Flash to JavaScript language, something that unquestionably carries constructive effects. It permits Flash developers to become well-known with HTML5 faster. Moreover, in the procedure of game development, using HTML5 technology, it is possible to use a major amount of all other JavaScript libraries.  

    More and more HTML5 games are appearing on the market and their authors try to make the best utilization of them for as many devices and platforms as doable. Games developed with the help of HTML5 can be played not only on PC, Mac, and devices based on iOS or Android, but also on Firefox OS, and all the others that support the HTML5 standard. This considerably increases the number of possible customers.   

    Now moving on, some of its advantages and disadvantages.  

    Benefits of HTML5 are:  

    Provides the possibility to create multiplayer games using, for example, WebSockets technology for client-server communication.  


  • Vast, dynamically expanding society 
  • Works directly in the browser without any additional plugins. 
  • Allows creating games for both mobile devices and PCs.
  • One code base allows running games on any device that supports HTML5. 
  • The Game doesn’t have to be set up on the device.
  • Minimal resources for great HTML5 game development Things are made simple with HTML5 game development 
  • HTML5 game development proposes an efficient monetization l HTML5 game updates are the simplest up-gradation. 
  • Hiring the best HTML5 developers is quite difficult, either they are very scarce or they are working on their own products and licensing games. 
  • Outsourcing it to the development agencies specializing in HTML5 is generally the only option left in the end.

    Why HTML5 is the Future of Game Development Company in India?   

    HTML5 game development is going to be the future of game development due to the several advantages they offer to players as expert game developers of the best HTML5 game development company in Pune. Several game developers and game development companies in Pune ,India are thinking that HTML5 game development will be sooner or after a grand and seasoned platform, possessing all features that sum up all engaging elements required in game development. It will bring a bunch of exciting and innovative games that could be played directly using the browser. Though we are still exploring the challenges and unforeseen things about HTML5 game developments where we are sure that its advantages hold the power to overshadow these disadvantages.  


    In the end, we just like to conclude and as we said earlier HTML5 is not just the future of web design, it’s the present as well. HTML5 amazing features are conquering the world’s evolving technologies in different fields. It has already replaced the Adobe flash plugin on diverse grounds like video playing and gaming concepts. Though it is not a completed version still it has made its way to the top by replacing Flash and Silverlight. We hope that you would like our blog on HTML5.  

    If you want to hire the best game development company in Pune , India, then Genieee is your one-stop solution as the best HTML5 game development company in India with our expert HTML5 game developers who are well trained and experienced in HTML5 game development service  

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