How Much Speed is Best For Pleasant Gaming Experience?

It’s hard to imagine that there is once a world without internet. May be even stranger is the fact that when it become mainstream, people still use dial-up connection which is very slow and blocked by the phone line while connected. It is very inconvenient for the users to use slow web connection like dial-up. Today when the whole world is moving a rapid pace, internet is one of the most convenient things in people’s life. At the present time, it is hard to find people without using internet. From laptops to mobile phones, people always stay connected on their devices.

Nowadays, most of the people receive download speed between 1 Mbps to 5 Mbps while many users get speed up to 125 Mbps with some fiber optic networks. This is an exceptional increase from dial-up network having speed 5 Kbps. But it also makes it hard to navigate the landscape and know just how fast connection you actually need. Users should understand different works on web need different speed. For example: if you just want to access mails and chat on social media, average speed can be more than sufficient but if you want to go for live streaming or gaming then you should have a network with top class speed. Let’s discuss how much speed can be considered as the best for pleasant gaming experience.

  • Recommended Speed: If you want have a satisfactory gaming experience then recommended download speed is 3 Mbps while upload should not be less than 1 Mbps. The connection should have stable speed because if it is fluctuate then you won’t have good gaming experience.
  • Wired or Wireless Network: There are two ways to connect your computer to your router. You can use wired or wireless connection. Most of the users generally understand of having wireless connection because most of the devices like mobile phones and laptops are connected to wireless internet very much non-stop. But users should understand the fact that while wireless network is certainly convenient, it is also generally slower and less reliable. Therefore there is nothing like better than the old fashioned wired network. However, it is highly recommendable to the users to ensure that whatever connection type they have, it should have faster speed and remain stable all time. With wireless network, if you are closer to the router then you may experience good speed but if not then you may not get good speed for gaming.
  • Connection Types: There are various types of networks available in the market. First there is DSL which stands for Digital Subscriber Line. This network is established by a telephone line which usually needs a copper. This means that the maximum speed you can get with this network is 100 Mbps but they are generally slower than this and varies from one place to other due to network strength. Next is the Cable network which is much faster and stable than DSL network but the speed and quality of the service may not be the same for all internet service providers. Third is fiber optic cable which is the most state-of-the-art technology nowadays. With this network, users can experience faster data transmission and stable speed. The problem with this network is its availability as fiber optic is still not available in various parts of India. Then users have satellite network which has wider availability but it is more expensive than the previous networks. Last but not the least is the mobile network which mainly depends of the network strength. For example: if you are using mobile internet connection in Noida having speed 3 Mbps then you may experience different speed on the same network in some other parts of Uttar Pradesh.

So it is advisable for the users to go either for cable network or fiber optic network if they want to enjoy a pleasant gaming experience because both the connections provide faster speed and comparatively stable network.

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