Get Out Of A Boring Chess Game – Use A Marble Chess Set

Chess is an exciting game for some people because there is a lot of action involved on the board while non-players just see two people brooding over wooden pieces. The pieces in the chess set are always the same. They consist of the king, queen, bishops, knights, castles and pawns. Normally, these pieces are black and white, while the chessboard has black and white squares that are alternately arranged.

Chess players and chess manufacturers used this standard looking chess set for many decades. But this doesn’t mean that your chess set should look the same as others. Board games don’t have to look boring or the same as everyone else’s. There are chess sets that are made of different materials, which allow you to show your individuality to the rest of the world.

Chess sets are commonly made from wood while there are some that are made from glass, plastic or marble. A marble chessset is something that is very durable and elegant. While glass denotes the modern and the present, marble chess sets reflect tradition and a refined taste. The main aspect of marble is that it is multi-colored and typically used for sculpture. However, this is only partially correct since there are many uses of marble, including the creation of well-crafted chessboards and pieces.

It is true that marble is commonly multi-colored, but since there are two opposing teams represented by different colors, a marble chess set needs to have different colors for each side. Manufacturers do not paint over the marble; instead there are different kinds of marble from all over the world that have unique colors. For example, in Italy, they have white or blue-gray marble while in Greece they have translucent marble. Belgium has red marble. These different types and colors are used to create the chessboard as well as the different pieces of the chess set.

Marble chess sets are very durable and can withstand extremes in weather and temperature. Marble sets are excellent for use outdoors and can be left in the sunshine, rain or snow without being damaged. It can actually become a permanent fixture on your porch or patio, so you don’t have to be confined to playing chess indoors.

As with most things in life, marble chess sets come in a variety of qualities and prices. It all depends on the size of the board and squares, the size of the chessmen, and the finish. Some sets are highly polished and exude a brilliant glossy finish, while others have lower quality sheen. They all look good, but the differences in quality can become very apparent when they are presented side by side. Only your preference and wallet limit the type of set you choose.

Chess sets can vary in the materials, the color of the pieces and the actual physical appearance of the pieces. There are some manufacturers who create different themes for the different pieces, giving new life to the board game. Sitting down at a marble chess set will set the stage for an enjoyable game of chess.

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