Gamers Get Girls

Find yourself smiling or laughing at the phrase “Gamers Get Girls” ?? You are not alone, statistically speaking gamers rarely ever establish a sexual intimate relationship with a woman; this is a cold hard fact. Gamers are perceived by the community through social conditioning i.e. the media as anti-social nerds who stay indoors playing computer games all day everyday. Just one example out of hundreds is from the memorable South Park episode 147 – “Make Love Not Warcraft” – 4 (semi ordinary) boys transform into gamers. South Park perceives gamers as obese, unhygienic anti-social people who suffer from acne.

So you’re an intense gamer…you think you are one day going to meet a hot gamer girl that you will marry and live happily ever after.
The truth is there are a lot of female gamers out there. But how many hot gamer girls are there??? Answer – not many! The small amounts of hot gamer girls are high in demand! So the competition for a hot gamer girl is HUGE. I mean if you really really want a hot gamer girl firstly you will have to find her. Your best chances are joining various girl gamer sites online, meeting gamer girls in game and meeting gamer girls in forums. But you’d better stand in line because from what I’ve seen in forums is crazy… As soon as a girl posts..How Are You???…Do Ya Wanna Cyber???….

Fact – Hot gamer girls are in demand. When you finally do find one you’d better be on top of your game when it comes to dating knowledge…That’s where we come in.. the GGG Team has written this blog to help gamers understand dating. The information on this site will make you attractive to literally any girl even gamer girls, hot sexy gamer girls!

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