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As you can imagine, playing video games for a living can be great fun. As a product tester at Beagametester, you could have the opportunity to test development software, identify programming issues, evaluate product for content guidelines, and document quality-assurance checks.

Beagametester currently works with different contractors to provide qualified associates to work as Game Testers. Beagametester and its product testing contractors do not offer off-site beta testing or other remote access options. Game testing jobs aren’t just about mouse and controller skills. The main characteristic needed is precision. But that’s just the beginning.

Game testers must have lots of patience, be methodical in their approach and have a keen eye for details. They must be good communicators and have some understanding of computer hardware and software. And, of course, it helps to have awesome controller skills and the hand-eye coordination needed to navigate through multiple levels of increasing challenges. Yes, being good at video games is helpful to game testers.

Once you’ve completed a game testing assignment from any company or publisher, you should always consider it just the beginning of your relationship with them. After your assignment has been sent in, make sure to contact the company and ask them if they received your material. Also, make sure to ask if there is anything you can do to improve your game assessments for them.

Most of the games you will end up receiving are upcoming games that have not been released yet. It is a great way to beta test various different games and not to mention most of the time you will get to keep the games. What a great way to save money the same time you are making money. It’s a win situation for you.

The rise in the amount of game testers that are needed is directly tied to the recent growth in the gaming industry. Not only are new systems and games being developed in the United States, but the gaming market is flourishing in countries all around the world as well.

Despite the recent changes in the economy, the video game industry continues to outdo itself each year, and that is why they need you.

Game testing is a legitimate position which many people hold each and every day. Large and small video game production and development companies hire individuals to test games in an effort to work out the bugs and kinks or to test prototypes before the final product is released.

All video game testing jobs provide compensation for those who work to review and perfect their products. Some game testers are paid on an hourly basis, while others get a fee per job. However, all of them are compensated in some shape or form for their time and effort. Game testers need depth of knowledge and keen observations skills. They must be able to articulate problems they observe, which is important for the software engineers and animators. They need patience, stamina and a bottomless well of curiosity about what makes games work.

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