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I’m the best and pickiest gamer I know out of every gamer I’ve come across or in contact with—don’t mean to brag, I just said that for context purposes. But, when I played the ben 10 car games such as Saving Sparkvile. Ben 10 vs Bakugan, the shooter based flash title game I played from EA games (publisher for such games as, battle field bad company 2).

Ben 10 Car Games usually consist or simple flash titles, but when it comes to Saving Sparksvile, it’s a whole different game, Saving Sparksvile is a one player flash game that’s going to take up a lot of your time and is a very punishing game. Ben 10 Saving Sparkvile is about ben teneson racing as Heatblast on a flaming rock that he uses as his vehicle to destroy megawatt after he has taken control of the town and brought the planetarium exhibit to real life. Heatblast must stop megawatt before he reaches the hydro electric damn and powers it up to take control of the world.(maybe a ben 10 episode?) You must defeat megawatt by shooting his week spot that are red, you control Heatblast with your mouse in any direction, and you shoot by clicking either the left or right click of the mouse, the health bars are at the top of your screen. Heat blasts life is on the top left, and the boss’s life bar is on the right. This is one of the buggiest, and difficult ben 10 games I’ve played. When ever you move your mouse over to shoot, ben comes with you, which isn’t a problem. But if your trying to dodge and shoot at the same time, forget about it. You get hit every single time, and the boss has way too much health, and to add insult to injury there are object that pop up in front of your character which makes it harder to dodge object as the screen looks too busy and makes things harder then they have to be for a flash title.

Unlike the previus flash title, Ben 10 vs bakugan is much more enjoyable flash game. Ben 10 vs bakugan is a clone copy of the game WORMS, you must move you bow at angle and gague how hard you must pull the string to shoot your apponent with a bow and arrow s. It’s a very simple fun and familiar system that your use to any other game such as this.The game starts off Simple with 1 opponent, but has you progress thrue levels the game games even more difficult to nearly impossible at the last levels. This is a game I would definatly recommend to my fellow co workers in the office.

Ben 10 car games are truly hard to find (especially since ben rather fly then drive) so it was a surprise I didn’t come across one but you should defiantly check out these flash games as there a nice substitute.

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