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There actually is no shortcut to duplicating XBOX games. Actually, this is a mightily complicated process and has confused some truly techie folk. This is obvious with the superiority of the question on duplicating XBOX games in Internet bulletin boards and tech bulletin boards. But why does one need to be going about there and duplicating XBOX games? Is this not legal?

If you have an XBOX and you have bought original games to play on it, chances are you must have ran through a massive chunk of your savings. Original games are awfully pricey and because CDs are not exactly immortal, you can eventually wear out a game especially if it’s used by you every minute of the day.

To give worth to customers, most states allow original CD buyers to make back-up copies of their XBOX games in case their original got damaged or got lost provided that they are aware about the law against pirated software and they actually own an original cd and are only copying XBOX games for their private use only.

Even though it is comparatively straightforward to do the game copy wizard, the same cannot be recounted in actually using the XBOX games that you have copied. Most software contain an encryption that has got to be met when inserted in an XBOX. Duplicating an XBOX game , however , doesn’t copy this encryption. This is a protection system that most XBOX consoles have as protection against flagrant game copy wizard.

To be in a position to run XBOX games that you have copied, you want to change your XBOX. This can be a frightening task particularly to newbies who are afraid of destroying their XBOXes with their tinkering.

According to most tech experts, there are a large amount of paths to modifying your XBOX in order to accommodate the practice of copying of XBOX games. Some are quite complicated and only a tech expert could do while alternative routes can be pricey but easy.

One is to buy and install a MOD-chip. This will permit your console to play XBOX games that you have copied as well as play imported games from other nations with perfect sound and video with no problem at all. While it may seem that all you have got to do is get a MOD-Chip and then voila, you have another think coming. There are actually a large amount of things that you must consider when purchasing a MOD-Chip. Most endorse the Divineo Modchips, which are purported to be really reliable. Some of the popular brands are the Xecuter two and three, Xenium, SmartXX, X-bit, Alladin, Chameleon and Xchip.

Another way in duplicating and using XBOX games is to change the BIOS of the XBOX so it won’t read the requirements of the digitally-signed software. This is largely reprogramming the entire BIOS.

You could also consider buying a bigger hard drive and just save all your games inside the XBOX. This way, you already have copy of your fave games within and would no longer have a need to swap CDs.

The 3rd way is to do the game swapping system, whereby you will first boot the first CD and then swap the copy once it has booted up. This could be terribly complex and won’t actually serve your purpose in duplicating your XBOX games that is to save your original CDs.

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