Best Puzzle Games to Play in 2020

Anyone when given an issue, it’s in our nature to want to discover a solution. Puzzle games furnish us with an occasion to have a great time while likewise exercising our minds and improving our critical thinking abilities.

Puzzle Games are not many gaming sorts that can generally be famous in one stage and least popular in others simultaneously. Puzzle games are commonly generally welcomed on smartphones then whether it’s Android or iOS. The story is unique on consoles and PCs.

But, numerous PC or console-based puzzle games have had the option to take the spotlight throughout the years from other standard kinds. Underneath, we have assembled a thorough rundown of the best puzzle games that you must try this year.

So, Let us See Best Puzzle Games to Play in 2020


PUSH is a fun little puzzle game where your single goal is to push many different buttons in the right order. What is extraordinary about this arrangement is the way that there are no clocks, no tutorial; hell, there are not even any manager stages. What you see is the thing that you get, and that is an equipped puzzle game that offers a stress-free experience.

Roll the Ball Puzzle Game

In any case, you are searching for a work of art and an exciting puzzle game with a modern twist; at that point, Roll the Ball must be the ideal choice for you. It’s quite a tricky game, which can be a decent arrangement in the exhausting time of waiting. It is tied in with slipping the tiles to clear the path for the ball to its objective. It is straightforward but exceptionally tough to master.

Wood Block Puzzle Game

It is a Tetris-like game that has won the hearts of millions of players. In this game, you should fit wood blocks into matching spaces. Since it doesn’t offer a time limit, the Wood Block Puzzle permits you to design your moves calmly.

It doesnot need an internet connection or a massive storage room. Also, it is free for anybody that needs to test their abilities.

The Witness

The Witness is an exceptional first-person puzzle game that happens on a sandbox-style tropical island. The reason? Investigate the island and complete challenging grid-based puzzles en route. With more than 650 puzzles to finish, you can expect as long as 100 hours of vivid open-world exploration and experience. The Witness was being developed for more than seven years, and the game highlights a degree of detail and polish inconspicuous in most indie titles.

Threes Puzzle Game

It is a number-based puzzle game where you have to get the most noteworthy score by whacking around the 4 x 4 grid and match similar numbers. It’s a great game and possibly takes action cautiously because if your 4 x 4 gird board fills, at that point, it’s your game over. The game is available in both free and paid forms of online play.


Numazu tests your abilities with numbers. Here, you should head to a maze and arrange dispersed numbers. Even though the game looks simple to play, it will introduce a commendable challenge to your mental ability.

The game additionally utilizes wood blocks that will make your screen appealing. Most liveliness is practical, making it simple to fail to remember that you are playing a portable game. You can get to NumPuz for free. You can even play the game without losing your data subscription.

While streaming films on Netflix is an ideal method to take a break, the equivalent is valid for playing Best Puzzle Games in 2020. In addition to the fact that they are challenging, they improve your IQ, critical thinking, logic, and focus. Thus, whenever fatigue sneaks in, pick your smartphone, and play all of the above Best Puzzle Games.

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