Best Apps For Making Real Money in India

Best apps for making real money in India

Have you ever thought about making fast money in your free time? Now is the time, because we have got the list of 5 best apps to earn money so that you can do something productive in your free time. We live in a time with many opportunities for us. Whether you are a student, a housewife, or someone just looking for easy money, these apps are for you. We understand you might feel that perhaps the tasks on these apps are time-consuming or the apps are a fraud. However, some apps are free, and once you start using the app, it becomes easier.

Now when it comes to earning money in your free time online, these apps should be your first choice. After waltzing through hundreds of apps, we deemed these the best ones. Read it out and download your favorite game:

Fantasy Khiladi-

Fantasy Khiladi is being one of the most popular money-making gaming platforms. You can play multiple fantasy sports like Fantasy cricket, Fantasy football, ludo fantasy, etc in your free time and earn money. At the beginning of this game, you have to choose users to create fantasy teams participating against each other in a match. You acquire points based on how your player’s performance in real contests.

RozDhan App-

This app can help you earn money and enjoy at the same time. The app pays you money by giving you different tasks. The more you play, the more you earn. It is an entertaining app with fun tasks like checking your daily horoscope, reading newspapers, or even asking you to play games and complete surveys. Well, the RozDhan app has an option for you to become both fit and wealthy. Here you get money for walking and counting your steps with this app.

Loco App-

Loco App is another excellent gaming app to earn money and have fun. This app has different types of games you can play. You can play some of these games with your friends and families like ludo, carrom, pool, Bull bash, and many more. There are also games for single-players like knife Ninja, Bubble shooters, Aqua shooter, etc. Now, you can earn money on this app by watching gaming streams. You can also play quizzes on this app and win money as you get points for every correct answer.

MooCash App-

You can earn money from this app by completing surveys, watching videos, and playing games, pretty much by having fun. This app has a different payment method. Usually, these kinds of apps pay you in Paytm or payphone. However, this app pays you in cash or by recharge vouchers. You can also get paid by bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Wonk App-

Have you ever had a dream of becoming a teacher? Wonk is one such platform where you can make money by teaching. You can tutor students online and get up to 250 to 1000 per hour. However, to apply on Wonk, one should have a graduation degree, proficiency in subject matter, and good communication skills. The process is pretty simple once the Wonk team certifies you as a teacher, they will assign you a class. Then you can teach the students online from the comfort of your home.


These apps were just some of the best money-making apps in India. You can try all of them in your free time and keep using your favorite. There are many more apps that provide this opportunity to earn money. Choose the one that you find best.

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