Babysitting Games That Are Fun And Imaginative

Most of us are acquainted with the common babysitting games–Simon Says, I Spy, hide and go seek, and so forth–and although these activities are great fun, they are not all that challenging for the kid’s mind. If your main aim as a babysitter is to pass time until the children’s parents get back, this is okay. However, in the event that you’re most engaged in helping to enrich these children’s lives, you may want to consider activities which inspire their imaginations and help them progress in great ways. Below are just a handful of games that will help accomplish that.

Scavenger hunt: Scavenger hunt is obviously one of those standby babysitting activities that have been in existence for generations, but it definitely is among the most creative and exciting ones. Make your scavenger hunt in such a way that it demands resourceful thinking. For instance, instead of including things like “red sock” or “yellow leaf,” think of somewhat more challenging things like “something found on a beach” or “white object that is noisy.”

Storytelling activities: It doesn’t matter exactly how you go about it, but it’s definitely a good idea to engage in babysitter games that motivate children to make use of their creativeness. One of the better methods is to engage in an activity which has the kids create a narrative. Perhaps you could help them to put on a puppet tv show, or maybe you could help them write illustrated picture books to show their parents. Any old notebook will do the trick.

Artwork activities: Young children are used to things such as doodling pictures and painting, and they really like to learn fresh ways to create art. For instance, you could use scissors and outdated magazines to make collages, or you can show them how to produce a comic strip. If you simply instruct kids how to do such things as this, youngsters can think of some astonishingly ingenious artworks, and they will most likely keep doing such creative activities even after you have gone home.

Play rock group: As every decent primary school music instructor will tell you, anything may used as a musical instrument. Have the children find their instruments (and naturally, if they happy to have real musical instruments, that’s wonderful) and make a babysitting activity out of “writing” songs. Even if you are not a music person yourself, most young children love to create noise, and this is the perfect chance for the kids to start teaching themselves about how to play music. It doesn’t need to be Bach, but one never knows. Perhaps they’ll show a natural ability for it.

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