Understanding The Alkaline Diet – Pros And Cons

An active lifestyle starts with a healthy diet. Your exercise regimen and diet eventually determines the way you look. Of course, there are unlimited diet plans, and the alkaline diet is one of them. Does it actually work? What are the pros and cons? In this post, we will try to shed more light on some of these aspects.

The Basics:

The alkaline diet has been around for some time now, but it came in the spotlight after Victoria Beckham tweeted about it. The diet is simple – Eat alkaline-promoting foods, and you can keep diseases at bay! So, the diet mainly focuses on eating healthy things like fruits and veggies, and you can also have some nuts, seeds and a few lentils. On the contrary, you have to quit most of the food that you are used to, including grains, meat, and dairy. Also, caffeine and alcohol are not allowed either. You cannot have any form of packaged or processed food.

Pros at a Glance:

First things first, you will lose weight with the alkaline diet, and there’s no denying of that. Basically, you are cutting down the fats and all forms of unhealthy food, and there will be a decrease in the regular calorie intake. This is a natural diet, so in a way, it is much better than most of the other fad diets out there. Thirdly, the alkaline diet doesn’t promote a lot of cooking, so if you are a lazy cook, you can still manage with this diet.

On the Flip Side:

Well, the alkaline diet doesn’t really work the way it claims. Our body is capable of balancing the pH level, and the foods we eat have minimal effect on it. As such, you don’t exactly get the things as said by many. Also, there is very little research on this diet, and therefore, one cannot verify every claim associated with it. The rules and meal plans can be confusing for some people, because different resources on the web can say different things.

What’s a Better Option?

The idea is to focus on a healthy diet. If you can follow the alkaline diet to the core, you will surely see some great results, but that’s not possible for most people. Secondly, you have to keep a track on what you eat, and if you are a working professional, this can be hard to watch means when you are eating out. The list of don’ts is huge too. A good idea is to go for alkaline water, which offers the same kind of benefits and can be a great replacement for regular filtered water. Vitamin enhanced water has added electrolytes, along with calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which is great for the body. Of course, this cannot replace the diet, but if you don’t have other options, this is the best you can do.

You can check online to find more details. Make sure that you follow a diet that has the macronutrients in the right amount.

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