The Trends That Shape The Future of Grocery Stores

The trends that shape the future of grocery stores

If you want to know the future of grocery stores and super markets than take a visit to the T-11 Food market in Beijing,China. It is a super market created by technology enthusiast and uses AI to provide uninterrupted online and offline experience to the customer, Which makes shopping an easy task by reducing the hay-wire.

It provides the customer the facility to track the orders and also gives personal product recommendation based on their interest.

Best in store experience through technology

In T-11 the creators had used their best ideas to give a appearance of a physical store. They have used LED lights to showcase their products. The wine bottles have been displayed in a mirror case with ratings and recommendation where the customers could make the selection. The customers could see the preparation of bread through the glass window. They have built a bar within the super market where the customer could leisurely rest themselves and have a drink. There is a place in the super market where the customer could select a live fish which would be cleaned and served in the restaurant. T-11 is not the only store that has used innovation. Alibaba’s freshippo where hey use conveyor belts to showcase their fresh products. They have developed a mobile application with facial recognition with which the customers could make their orders. These super markets are setting up a new trend in the grocery shopping.

In store events and classes

The grocery stores understood a major concept that would increase their sales, the concept seem to have increased the sale of the grocery stores from 20%to 40% . The concept that worked for them is that creating a engagement with the customer i.e making them to spend more time in the grocery store. They have created a cooking class in their store and it worked out well. They also conducted events like cooking competition mothers day celebration etc. Which helped them to emerge as a brand.

Analytics to provide better experience to the customer

A super market named Kroger which is located in US teamed up with Microsoft and created a loyalty program for the customers which helped them to predict what the customer would want. In one of their store they turned every thing into digital and when the customer goes near a item in the shop it would get added in their list in their Kroger mobile app. They have used sensors to track the customer and analyse what item they want.They also use AI to understand the customer age and requirements which helps to send personalised advertisements in the Kroger app.

Dine and shop concepts

Most of the grocery stores are planning to transform their stores into dine and shop store. So that the customer could finish their shopping and eat what they want in the restaurant of the store. Most of the super markets have said that this concept would increase the revenue.Caviar & Banana store has implemented this concept and it worked great.

Home delivery

The customers would support every changes that would ease out their daily routine and save their time. So the concept of home delivery of grocery would work well. There are many software’s that are available in the market. But the question that rises here is whether they would increase the revenue of your business. Keeping all this in mind we have given rise to a software that would double up the revenue of your business. We have added an additional feature that would take care of your marketing.

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