Steps to Keep Your Popcorn Equipment Clean And Safe

Popcorn equipment is the major money-maker for concession stands, snack bar, and more around the world. They produce a food that is constantly in demand to make sure your customer can walk away from your business with satisfaction with their purchase and also bring them back for more lately. Popcorn is a snack that beat all the snacks. It’s tasty, high in fiber and you can season it with everything from butter and salt to wasabi, some of them also are made with parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

When you are finishing up after a very busy day at the office you will have to make sure that you clean the popcorn machine to prevent grease build up, food contamination, and other harmful problems. Keeping a clean popcorn popper is not only sanitary; it also helps your food taste better. It may be necessary that you have to close down for a day but then clean kettle is essential to continued growth.

Safety and precautions

Before you start up the cleaning process, it is important to recognize a few safety steps and precautions. Never allow any employee below the age of 18 clean the kettle, because this part of the machine is responsible for popping kernels is extremely hot. Only an experienced operator should touch it for cleaning purpose. Also, make sure that while cleaning process you are wearing gloves all the time. This will prevent your bare hands from coming into contact with cleaner.

For best results use the cleaners which do not have ammonia. Ammonia in a product can leave lasting damage on the number of common foodservice surface, which includes the form of plastic and metal also. Rather always use the standard product to sanitize your popper to make sure it’s ready for your next busy day. It is formulated for maximum cleaning potential without harming the surface or even it does not leave any contaminated residue. Also, the concentrated solution of the cleaner should be kept at the safe place away from the machine you are working in.

It is easy to bump and knock over a bottle, so always safe to store the unused supplies somewhere safe while cleaning the popcorn equipment.

Cleaning the equipment

Before you start the cleaning process make sure all the light and heating switches are turned off and unplug the machine. It’s dangerous to clean with the power supply on as it could give rise to any type of accident. Let the kettle cool for at least 30 minutes before you start cleaning. During that period of time try mixing the concentrated solution of the cleaner with some water to dilute it. Then do the following steps:

  1. Pour liquid cleaning solution into kettle
  2. Plug on the machine and turn the kettle’s heat until the solution starts boiling.
  3. Again turn off the heat and let the kettle cool by its own.
  4. Remove kettle from the support.
  5. Pour solution into safe disposable location making sure that it will not come in contact with anybody.
  6. Make use of rug to clean off the equipment thoroughly.
  7. For stubborn soil, you can repeat the steps as necessary.

Next step is cleaning the cabinet also neatly and thoroughly. With the kettle out of the way, wipe down the floor plating inside the cabinet and remove the crumb tray also. Clean the entire area with the metal safe solution. After it is completely dry, wipe down the windows and frame of the unit with the cleaner and towel; make sure it is also metal safe. This will quickly remove any splotches or stains that the popper picked up during the busy day. With your cabinet, kettle and plating all clean you can reassemble it and you are ready to go for your business.


This will not only keep you clear in case if there is any health inspection but will also make sure to keep your machine running strong for much longer period. Keeping popcorn equipment clean is a good way for long business, check out POPCORN AUSTRALIA for learning more.

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