Mouth Watering Korean Foods Are Simply Irresistible

Korean foods are extremely delicious in nature and those who still have not tasted should not waste any more time. The foods are simply a treat to the taste buds and in one word it is just hard to resist. In the recent times it is very easy to the get these foods since it readily available in several restaurants.

Good food can be considered as one of the best sources of happiness especially for the children and the younger generation. Nowadays it has become very convenient to get hold of some exotic Korean recipes with ease and this is one of the main reasons of it becoming popular besides its brilliant taste.

Healthy Food

The Korean dishes are not only delicious to taste but also are extremely good for health. The most important thing about the recipes of Korea is that the nutritional value of the food is unaltered while preparing the dish. Most people have become a bit conscious about their diet in the recent times but they still want to have Korean dishes since it is both healthy and delicious at the same time.

There are a variety of Korean foods that are available in the restaurants but the chicken dishes are the most popular of the lot. The chicken is cooked with a variety of ingredients and spices to give are a complete different taste. Most importantly the food value of meat is kept intact while the process of cooking and therefore considered to be a healthy stuff. Moreover the Korean chicken dishes are less spicy as compared to others.

The Chicken Dishes

There are a numerous varieties of preparation of chicken available. The three main categories of preparation of chicken are as mentioned below.

  1. Korean Fried Chicken
  2. Burgers
  3. Wraps

Korean Fried Chicken

The category of Fried Chicken includes a number of preparations that are as described below.

  • Original Fried Chicken: This is basically a crispy fried chicken that gives a soothing taste to the mouth when consumed. Fried chicken is one of the favorite snacks of all time for all the age groups.
  • Snowing Cheese: This is a type of fried chicken that is stuffed with cheese and mayonnaise to give it complete different taste altogether.
  • Snowing Vegetable: This is a mouth watering combination of fried chicken along with herbs and vegetables. This is especially favored by the ones who like to eat vegetables.
  • Swicy: A type of fried chicken that is stuffed with exotic spices to that gives it the unique taste. This preparation is bit spicier as compared to the other preparations. Oriental Green Onion: An immensely popular dish of fried chicken that is flavored with green onions to give it an amazing aroma.
  • Lemon: As indicated by the name this dish has the flavor of lemon and is preferred by those who like to have sour. Freaking Hot: This is extremely hot and spicy fried chicken dish especially for the ones love to keep their lips smacking.
  • Garlic: This is simple preparation of fried chicken with the flavor of garlic not likes by the ones who hate garlic. But on the other hand who loves the aroma of garlic could be one of their favorite dishes.
  • Fried Tenders: These are small and soft pieces of deep fried chicken loved by all.
  • Fried Wings: These are especially made from the wings of chicken which is simply irresistible.
  • Fried Drumsticks: These are deep fried leg pieces of chicken in the shape of a drum stick and hence its name.
  • Boneless Chicken: Last but the not the least this dish is simply a treat for the ones who love to go boneless.


Burgers form an important part of Korean foods. The most popular types of burgers are as follows.

  • Nene Burger
  • Kimchi burger
  • Soft Shell Burger

These are basically bread that is filled with chicken, cheese, mayonnaise, onion, tomato, lettuce and sauce to give its amazing mouth watering taste. The flavor varies according to the name.


The wraps as indicated by the name are soft and flat bread rolled around a filling of chicken, spices, vegetables and sauce to give its awesome taste as well as look. The flavor of Korean foods can be changed as per the requirements and Nene Chicken comes out with the exclusive savors.

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