Grocery Delivery And Its Current Situation

Grocery delivery and its current situation

customers always expects a certain level of convenience from all sorts of work that they perform daily, from washing clothes to buying the grocery from a store they try to find out the easiest way of doing all those things that would help them to save their time. So that they could allocate that time to other works with the at most priority. This behaviour of customer gave birth to the concept delivery of food, grocery and other products to the customer doorsteps. This concepts allow the customer to order what they need from their place using their mobile phones and computers.

In this let, us talk about grocery delivery. People purchase the grocery items that they require on a weekly or monthly basis. It involves purchasing of milk, bread, butter and eggs etc. The grocery delivery service ease out the hay wire that is involved in this process. It allows you to purchase all your house hold requirements within few clicks of your fingers.

If the grocery store doesn’t adapt to the modern delivery service than it would cause a sense of inconvenience in the minds of the customer Because the customer has to visit the store gather their requirements and need to wait in a long queue for billing. This would make you lose valuable customer. Every business grows and perishes based on the experience that you give to the customer.

Current state in grocery delivery

At the introduction of the grocery delivery the it was a bit slow in USA when compared to other countries. In South Korea 20% of the consumers where making their purchase through online delivery and only 7.7% of consumers where buying through online platform in both USA and Japan.Later the grocery delivery had become common through out the world. Later most of the grocery store adapted to the service after seeing the success of it.

In a recent study conducted by core sight the 36.8% of internet using adults had bought their bodega from the online plan that is 93 million purchases where made in us alone.An average american spends more on grocery than other stuffs. So grocery delivery can become a new stream for generating revenue.

Who are all doing grocery delivery

At first the big brands like Walmart and Kroger have been doing this service. they have doubled the revenue through this service. Later the middle sized department stores and chain stores started providing this service and they to earned additional revenue after providing this service. If you are a small scale store owner reading this Don’t feel that this doesn’t suits my business. This suits you to. A small scale grocery store named the home town grocer added this service to their list and they to succeeded in it.

Pros and cons

1) customers are impatient and they don’t want to take place in activities that they don’t enjoy

2)It would reduce the hay wire that gives a bad experience to the customer that would ruin your business

3) In this pandemic situation most of the customers uses the online shopping to purchase their needs so it would help you to create a new revenue stream for your business.

4) since all the purchase activities is done digitally you could get some insights on the customer behaviour and you could also use this insights to measure the success of your business.

5)Another advantage of going digital is that you could get the source for contacting a customer.This helps you to do promotions for your business. So, that you could attract and build a group of loyal customers. You could also attract new customers through this/

6) You could build a brand for your own.


The major draw back in here is that you need a capital to invest on this service. If you manage to gather the capital required than you would be a successful person in the field

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