Emirati Food in Dubai

Restaurant That Caters to All Your Events – Al Dar Al Malaki Al Dar Al Malaki is a not just a restaurant that serves authentic Emirati cuisine. We have learned from our ancestral traditions to create the finest dishes possible. Each dish carries the weight of stories that are centuries old. Apart from being a dine-in restaurant, we are also the best catering company in Duba. If you are looking for genuine Emirati treats for your events, we are your go-to place. All of our catering orders are uniquely customized to fit the needs and requirements of the customer. We specialize in food and beverage catering and also partake in complete set-up during events. You can avail our catering services in Dubaiin the following ways:

  • Private events

Delicious Emirati food can enhance your event’s atmosphere. The food we prepare is a reflection of Arab heritage over the years that has been exposed to various civilizations and garnered its own unique flavour. We aim to bring this tradition to your special occasion. Our food is prepared with the highest quality of ingredients and secret spices prepared by our experienced chefs.

  • Corporate events

It is said that food is the main link which connects people to one another. The GCC is multi-cultural. Both expats and locals mix together for business on a daily basis. Through our catering company in Dubai, you can bring together the local cuisine in a global business environment and share some happy, as well as, professional moments. Enhancing teamwork never felt tastier!

  • Office/Home delivery

Craving for the best Emirati food in town? You don’t need to look any further. At Al Dar Al Malaki, we will take your order and deliver it straight to your doorstep. The food will arrive fresh and ready to eat. The Best Authentic Emirati Food in Dubai Emirati cuisine is filled with treasures that are etched in a rich traditional history. There are several options to choose from in the United Arab Emirates, but the best restaurant in Dubai is Al Dar Al Malaki. Our restaurant boasts high-quality food, in a traditional, inspiring and unforgettable atmosphere. Here is why Al Dar Al Malaki should be your first choice for authentic Emirati and Arabic food: Modern take on traditional food Since 2014, we have been keeping our promise to be the best Emirati restaurant in Dubai and our cuisine has been our priority. Our experienced chefs are well aware of the origin of Emirati food. We never forget our roots. Keeping this in mind, we always incorporate traditional and modern elements that cater to foodies of all generations. Sourcing the best for our beloved audience We only utilize the finest ingredients and secret spices for our dishes. Our food is prepared with special care for our cherished customers. We specifically choose the highest quality of ingredients to create a menu that will resonate well with the audience. Every bite is a moment of bliss at Al Dar Al Malaki. That’s why our tagline is “We are happy to let you know what you are eating because we know what we are cooking.” We aim to spread the joy of Emirati food worldwide At Al Dar Al Malaki, apart from serving delicious Emirati food to our customers, we hope to spread awareness about Emirati cuisine throughout GCC and the world. The Emirati kitchen has been built and developed by our ancestors, who have worked hard to build our traditions one ingredient at a time. Our primary driving force is our passion for propagating Emirati food on a global scale.

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