Does Your Coffee Machine Need Service? Tips To Keep It In Tip Top Shape

You cannot serve good coffee if your coffee maker is filthy or in need of repair. Maintaining these vital appliances should be one of your top priorities, especially if you are a coffee shop owner. It makes hundreds of coffees every day.

Depending on the make and model, espresso machines have a minimum lifespan of 8 to 10 years, as long as you maintain it correctly. So, to use any espresso machine to its fullest this is mandetory to take care of the machine on a regular basis.

What is the Problem with Limescale?

Limescale will slowly hinder the flow of water, resulting in blocked sensors, affecting the machine’s effectiveness in every way. It will cause problems, like overheating, leaking, no water flowing, and more. Even soft water can cause limescale.

They can form on almost all sorts of metal, including stainless steel. In order to get rid of them is not as simple as it might seem. It is, therefore, suggested to do descaling regularly to get rid of any buildup. This involves rinsing the water circuitry using an acidic solvent to dissolve as much limescale as you can.

How Often should You Clean and Maintain the Machine?

Your maintenance schedule should incorporate regular check-ups and the annual replacement of some equipment. By replacing small parts regularly, you can avoid corrective maintenance, which could lead to a closed cafe as the machine is getting repaired.

In order to avoid getting to this point, ensure the machine is in good working condition.

You should also be aware of the quality of water you use in your machine. If you use mineral-heavy water, it is not hard to end up with a calcified steam tank. If you want to avoid this, schedule regular machine decalcification with your local dealer.

Which Cleaning Products are Best?

Check your espresso maker manufacturer’s suggestions for cleaning products. Using the wrong cleaning product could cause damage or unnecessary buildup.

Some people use water and vinegar to clean in an environmentally friendly way, but if you try this, make sure that you thoroughly rinse to avoid any vinegar hints in the espresso. In fact, with any cleaning product, it is vital to rinse well and avoid serving your customers spoiled coffee.

While setting up your staff schedules, be sure to include time for coffee machine maintenance services and regular cleaning tasks. Please make a note of whether your monthly and annual maintenance and check-ups are due so that they do not pass by without you noticing.

Espresso maker maintenance is not the glamorous part of your coffee business, but it is one you cannot underestimate. If you want to serve tasty drinks that will keep your customers happy and returning, you are bound to look after your machine.

How Often Should You Service the Machine?

Even if you follow a regular, thorough cleaning process and keep your machine free from limescale build up, general wear and tear can happen with time.

For example, water filters only have a certain lifespan. Hence, to maintain quality water consistency, you will need to change your water filters regularly.

The standard recommendation is to get a coffee maker service once every 12 months.

How Do You Know You Need a Coffee Machine Service ?

Keep an eye out for the following signs, and know your machine will require quick service.

  • Unable to froth milk
  • Incorrect coffee level in the cup
  • Group hand is hard to load and lock into the group head
  • Leaking from the back of the machine
  • Coffee dispenses too slowly
  • Coffee is being dispensed cold
  • Coffee is dripping from the group head or filet basket
  • Water temperature does not increase
  • Pump pressure is below 9 bar
  • Stop button light flashing
  • Coffee dispenses too quickly
  • The drink is leaking from the front of the machine under the drip tray

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