Did You Know These Fast Facts About Alkaline Water?

The chances are likely that you have heard numerous health benefits related to alkaline water. While some people pass these claims as a hoax, others swear by the positive effects. What’s the hype all about? Should you consider switching to alkaline water? In this post, we have ten facts that will help in understanding the fundamental aspects better.

  1. Ionized water, another name for the same concept, scores high on the pH scale. Regular water has a pH level between 6 and 7, while alkaline water scores over 9 on the same scale. This elevated pH is believed to neutralize acids in the body, which is the crux of different health claims.
  2. Stream and spring water is known to be naturally alkaline. Water, while passing over rocks, often collects minerals, which enhances the pH level. Since most people don’t have access to spring water, they often use artificially-made alkaline enhanced water, which is believed to offer the same benefits.
  3. There are many claims related to the concept. Some people believe that drinking high pH water will help in slowing down the aging process. In fact, it is also known to impact the metabolism in a good way and can assist in regulating the blood sugar levels.
  4. Other benefits include better hydration rate and reduction of acid reflux. Since alkaline water has added electrolytes, it offers a natural boost of energy to the body, without any added sugar. It is also believed to help with joint pains.
  5. The extent of study and research for this concept is pretty limited, so it is unfair to shun the benefits right away. However, people who have replaced regular water with ionized water have excellent things to say about the entire theory. Many Hollywood celebs have endorsed the idea on various platforms.
  6. There is no known side-effect of drinking alkaline. It is only associated with a few real advantages, which may or may not be true. If you like the idea of reducing acids in your body by a simple change, there is no reason to step back.
  7. If you check for options, you will find many brands of ionized water. Look for a brand that sells alkaline water with added magnesium, potassium and calcium. Also, the water should rate at least 9 on the pH scale.
  8. The whole idea of high pH water originated from the alkaline diet, which propagates a new kind of lifestyle that eliminates all kinds of acidic foods. Since the diet requires a person to quit meat and dairy, many people choose to opt for alkaline instead.
  9. If you have frequent heartburns, drinking water with high pH may help. Although the theory is yet to be thoroughly verified by experts, many alternative healthcare professionals have recommended the idea.
  10. In case you intend to change your diet, do consult a doctor for better advice. People who have chronic health issues, heart disease and other concerns should never change their food habits, unless suggested by a physician. In fact, you might want to talk to your doctor about alkaline, as well.

Start your alkaline journey today!

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