Change Vs Food Industry

change Vs Food Industry

Change is like a wrestler who kicks of every industry that doesn’t adapt to it. Restaurant industry is not an exception, Instead it is the industry that is more vulnerable to change. Because the restaurant industry is mostly dependent on their customers more making profit. The major problem that arises here is that the consumers mind shifts from one to another its like a frog when they see something new or they see something that ease out their work they would adapt to it. For example before the entry of food delivery giant swiggy in the Indian food industry people used to go to a casual dining restaurant or are they would get the food packed and take it to their home. After the impact caused by swiggy people totally made a swift from casual dining to food ordering and delivery. This would show how the change in consumer mindset affects the restaurant business.

changes in food delivery

Since due to the rising demand for the food delivery and easily accessible food ordering platforms. See the changes that’s going to happen in the

in food delivery

  • Eco-friendly containers

most of the people and government wants to conserve their environment. This leads to increase in the demand for Environment friendly products. since the government had restricted the use of plastic bags. The restaurant owners are pushed to deliver the orders in Eco friendly containers which are mostly 100% bio degradable.

  • Delivery using AI

All the industries in the world had moved their eyes towards automation. In the world that can been automated food delivery has gone to its next level. The engineers are building delivery v drones and robots that could make the delivery faster than normal human. So you could minimise the number of delivery person working for your restaurant.

  • public place delivery

now you doesn’t need a residential or business address to get your orders. You can place your order and ask them to deliver in any public places beach, park bench or bus stops etc.

  • In-house delivery unit

Now most of the restaurants have gather their delivery person for their restaurant instead of hiring a third-party men or women to deliver order to the customers. It saves a lot of money that we have to payout to the third party delivery service.

  • ultra-light bags for delivery men

the restaurants doesn’t wish to deliver their orders to the customer in traditional method that is by using cars trucks etc. Instead they use delivery men who delivers the food in two wheeler and cycles. they cant carry a huge weight. so the manufacturers must design ultra lite delivery equipment for the delivery men

  • Using a food delivery platform

Most of the restaurants who have an in house delivery persons has bought a online food delivery system to manage their restaurant. It helps them to ease out all the haywire that exist in managing the restaurant.

Changes in restaurant technology

Technology and changes are directly proportional to each other. So, whenever technology grows change occurs.

  • Digital menu

The digital menu allows the customer to order easily. It allows easy customisation of the orders. It also allows the restaurant owner or staff to change the price in the board. (i.e) you could set low price when there is low business and increase the price during peak period.

  • Food pickup lockers

The food pick-up lockers allow the customer to order food and pick the food from the cabins at the time of their convenience.

  • ordering with your voice in kiosks

in this there would be a kiosk where you could order your food. It provides a menu with which you could order by just saying the dish you need.

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