Celebrate All Victories, Big Or Small, With Maharaja Mac

To announce its recent launch of the junior versions of its popular Maharaja Mac burgers, McDonald’s India (West & South), a franchise owned by Hardcastle Restaurants, subsidiary of Westlife Development, launched a series of ads created by Leo Burnett.

The ads bring home the point that life is all about celebrating, and celebrating victories, big or small.

The first ad shows a young chap on the waterfront, flipping a bottle such that it lands right on his cap! If you think it’s easy, try it yourself. Surely, that called for lots of celebratory yelling, ending with a party at McDonald’s!

That was about a young chap, but don’t underestimate what even little kids can do. In another shot of the same ad, young children sit on the floor, with bottles filled with blue-coloured water. They do the perfect flip to make the bottles land perfectly on their feet. Wow, that was a truly heartwarming scene which called for a celebration.

Another ad shows a chap solving the Rubik’s Cube puzzle in record time. But what about those who can never get the cube right? They just have to come up with ingenuous ways to do it, like this guy who simply dipped his paint brush into a pot of paint and painted each side of the Rubik’s cube a different colour to achieve the same objective! Cheating or whatever, one can surely celebrate the achievement.

Then, what are your skills at head-butting, Zinedine Zidane style? Doing it solo is one thing, but sitting side by side, and achieving a head-butt in relay style is an altogether different game. A group of football players do just that though it is no mean task, and if that call for a celebration what does?

But what if even scoring a simple goal looks like an impossible task to you? Then you use a cheat-sheet to mislead your goal-keeper by kicking something else (not the ball in question) away from the net. The predictable happens. As the goal-keeper gets busy trying to deflect the ball, you simply aim your shot in to the net. Can you beat that! Of course, you may have to face the consequences when your friend discovers he has been had, but not if you take him to McDonald’s for a treat.

What better food to party with than the Junior Maharaja Mac or the Maharaja Mac itself, India’s answer to the world-famous Big Mac burger.

The vegetarian Maharaja Mac is a delicious corn-and-cheese patty, with spicy jalapenos, crunchy iceberg lettuce and cocktail sauce. For non-vegetarians, there’s the chicken Maharaja Mac, a flame-grilled chicken patty enveloped in rich habanero sauce and topped with fiery and spicy jalapenos, juicy tomatoes, crunchy shredded onions, placed on cheddar cheese and a bed of crunchy, iceberg lettuce.

Have the junior version if the bigger version is too much to eat! After all, the original Maharaja Mac is made up of two patties instead of one, placed between sesame-sprinkled, double-decker buns coated with cheese. You need to have a big appetite as well as time on your hands to truly savour this burger of large proportions and superlative taste.

While the Chicken Maharaja Mac Junior costs Rs 113, the Vegetarian version costs Rs 109.

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