Tips for Optimising Your Online Store for Mobile Capability

Mobile usage is fast overtaking the traditional method of accessing the internet via desktop. This means that your online store needs to, in no uncertain terms, be optimised for mobile. After all, customers may want to browse your store from the comfort of their bed before they go to sleep, or they may want to make an important purchase on-the-go without having to whip out their laptop. Here are some tips for optimising your online store for mobile to ensure that you are able to make the most of every possible sale opportunity:

  1. Determine what content you will include. A mobile site needs to be very simple and concise, displaying only the most important information. Figure out what pieces of information your customers will be looking for when they land on the website and edit your site copy to include it.
  2. Avoid Flash, Java or other load-heavy programs. Remember that a mobile site will take longer to load than that on a desktop, and you do not want to lose customers if they become impatient while waiting for your site to load.
  3. Enlarge the buttons and text. Some people have larger fingers than others and will struggle to click a button that is too small. Make clickable buttons larger so that any text or buttons around it don’t get pressed accidentally. On the same note, the text on your mobile site should be larger than when it is displayed on a regular website – as some people may be looking at the site through smaller-screened mobile phones.
  4. Reduce the amount of text input necessary. In the same vein as point 3, those with larger fingers may find it cumbersome to type into text fields. Wherever possible, have drop down, pre-filled fields that are easily clickable.
  5. Mobile-optimised payment gateway. Ensure that your payment system is not only secure, but optimised for mobile checkouts. Chat to your payment processing provider to ensure that their software will work effectively for mobile. Many good payment gateway systems will have mobile payments available through their software. Test, test and test again to ensure that your site’s shopping cart functionality works optimally on a phone.
  6. Redirect to the mobile site. When developing your site, and optimising it for mobile, ensure that your developer codes the site to be able to pick up which device the site is being viewed from – this way, it will pick up when the site is being viewed on a mobile device and will automatically resize.

Optimising your e-Commerce website is one of the most crucial things that you can do for your online store. Make the most of the high volumes of mobile usage and let your site be easily accessible at the click of a button!

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