Portable Cattle Panels for Inexpensive Livestock Handling

Different equipment required for handling livestock do not always have to be very expensive. Contrary to what many may believe, such products are not actually that expensive and can be bought at reasonable prices to solve the purpose they serve. There are many efficient solutions available in the market in form of portable cattle panels which are one hundred percent portable and can be utilized for a plethora of purposes including cattle handling, loading chute, and milking stanchion. For people, spending bundles on livestock, especially cattle, this is the best investment they can ever spend on.

The expensive ordinary cattle panels available in the market just work on some particular size of species where as the portable cattle panels work with full-sized cattle and many other breeds such as calves, pigs, goats, sheep and horses. One may need to spend a handsome amount to get the glossy farm supply with the slick panels, chutes and gates customized to each species. So, to be economical, one needs to start looking for local farm supply stores which offer good products at reasonable prices. Corral panels are an excellent choice as they are constructed of highest quality steel tubing and are typically six bars high which is always good for the cattle.

One of the ends of the panel has a pair of pins while the other one has a receiver to quickly latch together. The gates of such panels come in two different sizes – 4′ and 6′ – with each side having the same type of pin and receiver construction in order to match the cattle panels. However, for working with larger stock, farmers are suggested to find a 6′ gate as it is much safer and more efficient in delivering results. In case of smaller livestock, a sheet of plywood or even an old door with holes can do the job. Moreover, this is best for isolating and immobilizing a single animal for body scoring, treatment and vaccination.

The well coordinated alley lanes through which most livestock accesses multiple permanent pastures must be almost 16′ wide, and the posts should be placed directly across. This way, you can easily attach a feedlot panel to posts in the alley lanes creating holding/catch panels in a way that is environment friendly. Such cattle panels are also extremely useful for more than just one form of livestock as they can be used for a variety of species.

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