How to Shop on a Budget With an ATM Card

The ATM card is one option which can assist you in your shopping expeditions. There are many banks and financial institutes in India that offer this card as a means to withdraw your funds directly from your account. But while it offers you access to your funds, how can you use it to shop on a budget? Let us take a look at a few points:

Withdraw fixed amount to shop

Withdrawing a fixed amount of funds is one way to ensure that you stay well within the budget on your shopping expenditure. No doubt you will have an idea of how much funds you will spend on your shopping expeditions. When you withdraw this amount of funds the first time, you will be forced to stay within your means and shop only for the necessities. While you can use any of the ATM cards in India to withdraw additional funds if you require them, you will have attract the chances of additional charges, if you surpass the limited amount of withdraws you can make in a day. Therefore, just by sticking to the fixed amount, you not only satisfy your criteria of the necessities but also reduce the chances of wasting additional funds on other additional items you may not need.

Swipe cards to earn reward points and cashback offers.

Not many know the debit card also works as ATM cards in India. But as compared to the actual ATM cards, you get additional benefits with this banking card. One of the main features of this banking card is the reward point system. This system allows the card holder to gain points with every transaction he makes. These reward points can be redeemed for additional items. This also works similarly to the cashback offer. Certain companies offer a percentage of cash back, on the amount one spends while swiping the card. This cashback can be further redeemed for any additional expenses.

Use an ATM card only for particular expenditures

If you have multiple banking cards, keeping a track of your expenditures especially when you’re shopping can be task. However, keeping a particular card only for particular disbursements will help you track your expenses easily. Additionally it will help you withdraw only the amount of funds you will require for your shopping. In addition to this, you get customized ATM cards in India for particular outlets or even retails. So if you are regular shopper in these outlets, you can use this card for your expenses and thus save in the long run.

Shopping on a budget may seem like a difficult task however with proper planning and calculated decisions you can easily save instead of spending excessive funds. Using the ATM cards is one way to ensure that you take the right decisions and choices anytime you want to shop.

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