5 Common Permits You Will Require for Your Restaurant

If you are aspiring to start a restaurant business in the United States, you need to acquire different permits and licenses beforehand based on the laws of your state / country / city. The fees for each permit will differ from place to place. Besides, you also need to have some additional permits that ensure the safety of the public health since food and beverages are prepared and served on the premises of a restaurant. You need to qualify different eligibility criteria to obtain the required permits.

Here are 5 common permits that are a must for your restaurant business.

Business Permit

You can get your business license from the concerned authority of your city or local municipality. For this you need to fill and submit a business license application along-with a licensing fee. Do not procrastinate to renew the license after a year or before license gets expired.

Health Permit of Your Restaurant

This is one of the most crucial permits that you may need to apply for. You need to get in touch with the health department of your state or city for this purpose. Once you get this permit, your eatery will be subjected to periodic health inspections to ensure that your restaurant is hygienic and is in compliance with the standard food management practices. You may have to face penalty if is is found that your food business does not adhere to the set rules and regulations.

Resale License

If you are going to operate your restaurant in a state where sale tax is applicable, you need to get a resale permit from the concerned authority. It will enable your business to charge and collect the required sales tax from your diners. For this license, you may or may not have to pay a fee.

Health Permit for Your Restaurant Staff

You need to get a health permit for your restaurant employees too who prepare and serve food. Your staff should hold a degree / diploma in a state-approved food handler’s course as well as a food handler’s permit too. The food handler’s course will train your staff regarding proper hygienic practices, food storage and food handling in order to keep food-borne health hazards at bay.

License for Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverages

If your food-joint is into serving liquor, you will need a liquor license. For serving beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages, you should get a license from the state authority. The fees and eligibility conditions will vary from state to state. In general, the fee for a full liquor license is high as compared to beer and wine. Moreover, you can have a restaurant liquor license at a lower price as compared to a bar license. Usually, no or very little food is served in bars. In some states, to have a liquor license you need to pursue a liquor course.

In addition to the above-mentioned permits, you may also acquire a license for your restaurant building to make sure that it is in sync with the building and safety codes. If you want to renovate your restaurant, you can take a loan for restaurant business if required.

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