You Will be Driven to Learn Mandarin Chinese With These Reasons

For learning a new or foreign language people will have their own reasons very often, but in the World today some languages have extra added advantages or benefits. One of these is Mandarin Chinese.

Why Chinese is one of the most important second languages there are many reasons. This can be learned by people of any country with the help of Chinese language course in shanghai university.

Chinese is spoken by Almost one quarter of the World’s population

to learn the language this in itself may not be an overwhelming reason but when you consider that there are over 1.3 billion people in China itself, not to mention it is obvious that the language is growing and spreading around the World the millions elsewhere in Europe, Taiwan, Singapore, Asia, South East and America that also speak Chinese.

Obviously billions of possible partners, customers or new friends than you had before will be opened up by being able to speak the language.

For the past quarter of a century China has had the fastest growing major economy in the World.

China is the place to do business from a business perspective. At just under 10% per year their economy has been growing steadily. Within a few years on very probably the biggest economy in the World and a course to being one of the biggest economic powerhouses on the World stage this puts China.

The US’s top trading partners

Exports and imports flow like water between US and China. Over the past few decades, it is mainly US imports that have so strongly driven the Chinese economy and yet to indulge in western luxuries the newly found wealth is allowing the Chinese middle classes.

Many businesses have been made very successful by opening trade between the two countries. An advantage over the competition within this market will be given by learning Chinese to any business. Mandarin course in shanghai is also very useful.

Oldest is Chinese Culture in the World

The Chinese culture is history. Before Columbus was even born, they invented paper and gunpowder, and discovered America. Their culture and history is colorful and immense, fascinating and diverse and learning the language will give your insight into this culture and history that you would otherwise never have.

Learning the language can give you that added extra appreciation if you are interested in Chinese Kung-Fu movies, Chinese theatre or Opera, or even Chinese medicine.

World Affairs

Just as important in its own right Sure this is linked to some of the previous reasons. Not just economically but also environmentally and politically China is playing an increasingly major role in World affairs today.

China has a lot to work on and is becoming a superpower but before its environmental policies and human rights are globally acceptable.

Similar Languages

For learning other languages Learning Chinese can give you a strong foundation. It will certainly give you a good base from which to learn although being able to read the script will not mean you will be able to speak Japanese as the Japanese and Chinese script is actually almost identical.

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