Why Should You Upskill Yourself Through Earn And Learn Courses?

The work-learn or Earn and Learn courses, allow the candidates to give a boost to their careers. These courses give the participants ample employment opportunities and a chance to broaden their scope of work.

Participants, who enrol for these courses, get to acquire industry-centric skills. They get a chance to work in organisations, earn money and continue their studies. The curriculum of these courses requires the learners to get involved in job-based training and learn new concepts on-the-job. This not only allows the learners to get a deeper understanding of their target industry but also gives them the opportunity to work with leading industry giants and market experts.

Students get the chance to collaborate with project managers, accounts team and even other cross-functional departments. This gives them a better understanding about the ways in which each department operates. Students also get the chance to understand the personalities of various professionals and their work approach. This develops their knowledge about the work process and business tools. To add more, students learn to set goals, map out a work plan, put in place a work strategy, come up with brilliant solutions, discuss issues amicably with fellow colleagues, and work towards accomplishing the goal. In fact, course-takers even learn to implement result-driven methodologies, upgraded technical support and best-in-class strategies. They learn to effectively coordinate with different teams, gather inputs, manage workflows and reach stipulated timelines.

While working, students get valuable feedback from the professionals and industry experts. This enables the learners to minimise their skills gaps and improve their productivity. The students learn on-the-job, acquire essential skills, and explore unlimited opportunities. Sometimes, when companies feel that a particular student has done exceedingly well during his training period, the organisation even recruits the candidate for a full-time job, after his completion of the course.

There is a large range of Earn and Learn courses which are available for the students. Some of these subjects include:

  • Environmental Services: Students who take admission for these courses learn about solid waste management, waste water collection, sanitation infrastructure and water treatment. The training materials include data and facts, related to environmental issues, which help the students succeed as environmentalists, ecologists or even conservationists.
  • Supply Chain Management: Participants who enrol themselves for these courses, get the chance to dig deep into inventory and warehouse management, transportation operations, freight services, bio-chemical supply chain and even cold chain management. Candidates get a detailed perspective about planning and implementation of supply chain.
  • Human Resource Management: Those who pursue a course on Human Resource Management, get to maximise their core competencies related to HR policies and issues. Students learn to sharpen their skills required by employers in the HR sector. They learn about HR roles, responsibilities, current trends, challenges and key aspects affecting the evolution of HR practices.

If you are keen to pursue Earn and Learn courses or other government-funded courses, select a good training academy at Singapore, to strengthen your career graph. Select the best institute in this city-state to receive an enriching learning experience like never before.

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