Why Germany is Recommended for Business Studies?

As a result of Globalization a large number of companies are relocating their headquarters. But it’s not just companies in the global economy that are seeking the best business environment but more and more prospective students are leaving their countries for best places to live, learn and work.

Business Administration is quite a popular and interesting field of studying these days since it opens up a broad range of job alternatives one can decide on doing.But which place to choose for pursuing Business degree is the dilemma that is often faced by the students. After abolishing tuition fees, Germany has strike as one of the greatest place to study. According to the recent world’s leading higher education rankings, Germany is now listed as the third after US and UK.

Germany has recently revolutionized its educational system by getting up-to-date with the latest teaching methods and techniques, hiring cream professors from all around the world to teach their field of expertise. So let’s learn about the advantages of studying Business Degree in Germany or why one should choose Germany over other countries when it comes to Business studies:

1. The German Economy: Germany represents about 21% of the euro zone GDP. So students at German schools enjoy the advantage of studying business studies in a country with the strongest economy in Europe. Despite predictions of ‘protracted stagnation’ in the EU economy, the nation’s GDP has continued to grow in recent years. Unemployment in Germany is only about 5 % which is much lower as compared to the average of 11% across the eurozone.

Strong German economy means a constant inflow of educated workers-including large number of English speakers.

2. German R&D investment: Germany is a regional leader in Research & Development investment. Annually the nation spends over E80 billion (around US$104 billion) to assist around 800 public-funded research institutions. The country continues to attract a top-notch talent pool with more than half a million R&D professionals. So the students studying business in Germany will have regular access to professional training, renowned and established universities and German R&D investment.

3. One Single Market: Situated at the crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe, Germany offers direct access to huge potential customer base. Europe has been enjoying a single market now for more than 20 years because of which goods, services and capital along with European citizens are able to move freely across the EU’s trading block. This type of market has decreased regulations and increased the competitiveness of member nations while offering consumers wider choices of goods and services. This also offers enormous opportunities to entrepreneurs who can develop businesses

4. Innovation and Economic Freedom: An index including 186 countries’ economic freedom, published by the Wall Street Journal reports that economic freedom in Germany is on the rise. The index looks at each economy’s rule of law, their regulatory efficiency and how limited their government is, how open their markets are. According to one of the element of this index, the overall entrepreneurial environment of Germany is the world’s most transparent and efficient.

As per the Eurostat, 40% of all patents are held by Germany. Patents are a reflection of inventive activity and the capacity to exploit knowledge and translate it into potential economic gains.

3) You can get a scholarship for studying in Germany: A large number of students are moving to Germany in search for an excellent and affordable international education. World-renown programs, an economic price tag, and Various scholarships and special support for international students are just few of the reasons why so many students are opting to study in Germany.

A vide number of Germany’s academic institutions are either tuition free or charge low fees (500 Euros app. per semester). While many master’s degree programs do charge tuition, the fee is just a fraction of other countries’ academic costs, with plenty of scholarships available for international students.

4) Learning German is not Mandatory: Germany has overcome the language barrier, by offering every course in multiple languages. Both at the undergraduate and graduate level English programs are so widespread in Germany, that you can receive your degree without ever taking a class in German.

5) German degrees are recognized all around the world: Germany has a wide network of relationships with academic institutions all over the world therefore German schools prioritize international students by supporting their educational pursuits, and offering scholarship funding.

Germany’s educational system has great strength because of which German students are considered as attractive job candidates. Degree holders from German institutions are respected all over the world. Although the coursework is not easy, degree recipients hold a prominent place in many industries across the globe.

6. High quality of life: Germany offers an exceptional quality of life for students in Germany with numerous opportunities to discover and travel. It is not only Europe ‘s most dynamic economy but also a very safe country with a rich cultural history and diverse population. The infrastructure of Germany is also excellent and provides numerous opportunities for recreational activities

All work and no play make jack a dull boy! Yes, in the universities here, you can do much more than just study: you can join a university sports club or theatre group, or engage in social or political activities.

Conclusion: Students from all over the world are reaching Germany to study Business Administration. The country is well-known for its revolutionized educational system which incurs students to come here and live, work and earn. This makes Germany the global educational hub, shaping the lives of Business Administration learners.

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