What is Fashion Designing?

In the world of fashion, every new product or style always begins with an idea. A fashion design is defined by the creators of new footwear, clothing and accessories. Fashion designing involves a set of skills which range from market research and creativity to sketching and fabric selection. The fashion designers guide the process from the beginning to the end. A fashion designer creates an original design of clothing, accessories and footwear. They sketch designs, select fabrics and patterns and also give instructions on different ways to make the products they design. In fashion designing courses, the individual will learn to understand what is trending and design products in such a way which will suit and attract a customer’s attention.

What does fashion designing entail?

  1. Study fashion trends and anticipate designs which will appeal to consumers.
  2. Decide on a theme for a collection.
  3. Use computer-aided design programs for creating designs.
  4. Visiting manufacturers for getting samples of fabric.
  5. Select fabrics, embellishments, colors, or a style for each garment or accessory.
  6. Work with other designers or team members to create prototype designs.
  7. Provide design ideas to a creative director or exhibit them during fashion or trade shows.
  8. Market their designs to retailers or directly to the consumers.

Fashion designing will help the designer create trends, or at least follow the trends which emerge with the recent Trend. Through designing a designer can research the market to understand the taste of the public and be able to predict the next big trend that will be popular. Designing will require the students to constantly be in sync with the latest trends and what are the different economic indicators which may influence different buying decisions in the future. Fashion designing includes a lot of research to understand the consumers demands.

After designing courses, students will be able to create new designs by researching different types of current Trend and it will also help them make predictions about the various future trends and use those trend reports for future references. The entrance in to the style world will be done after they have a degree in the field of fashion designing. One of the most important aspects of entering the style world is to create a portfolio of work when entering the field of fashion. Fashion designers generally create prototypes of their work as well to showcase them to employers or clients.

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