What DevOps Foundation Training Program is All About?

DevOps is a practice that emphasizes the effective collaboration between IT Operations and software developers. The aim to establish an environment for building , testing and deploying of software releases and infrastructure changes rapidly, frequently yet more reliably with an automated process. Foundation is an entry level certification under license of Institute. DevOps Foundation is mandatory certification for any higher level DevOps Certification from DevOps Institute. DevOps Foundation Training can be taken by any professional interested in , as this course syllabus is high level covering principles, processes, various roles and responsibilities along with other core concepts. Popular Toolchain application is discussed but hands on coding and configuration is out of scope of this course. Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:

  • Introduction to principles of core Agile that are outlined by DASA
  • Learn various concepts and practices of DevOps that enable IT organizations to improve their service delivery capability
  • Introduction to DevOps enterprise considerations such as teams, roles and organizational structures
  • Learn through real-life case studies, interactive group discussions, demonstrations and extensive exercises
  • Understand the interactions between DevOps and other frameworks such as agile, ITSM and lean.

DevOps is a shift in culture promoting better collaboration among development, operations and testing teams. DevOps is derived from the Agile Software Development methodology. Agile is more an change in thinking of software development process whereas actually implements this philosophy through organizational cultural change.

The DevOps market is growing at a rapid pace thanks to India being home to top IT companies from around the world. There is immense scope for market to grow at an accelerated pace well into the future thanks to the inevitable shift that organizations both big and small are making towards DevOps implementation.

DevOps is being deployed by forward-looking companies in order to design, develop, deploy, and deliver software at an accelerated pace with fewer bugs and at a fraction of the cost. So due to this there is increased demand for professionals who can help organizations make the transition to a culture.

Today, the differentiation between development and IT operations is getting blurred across the globe and this has given rise to a new methodology in DevOps which is a combination of software development and IT operations. This new methodology has resulted in improved collaboration and communication between the both entities. This Foundation is an entry-level course that is ideal for professionals who are looking to gain fundamental understanding of methodology. This Certification is open for all individuals who have an interest in the subject.

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