Music Teacher, Know The Procedure to Find One And Proceed Carefully

There are music teachers in good numbers, but unfortunately, this includes the bad ones as well. Anyone hanging a shingle gets introduced as a music teacher. Yes, the fact is true that finding gems means you have to do a lot of homework and should proceed carefully.

Start with research

  • Ask people you know, look for three recommendations at least. Also know that they charge.
  • Research on the internet, look for performance videos, email the links to your friends who know music and identify a good teacher for your child.
  • Attend recitals to know how beginners are not appropriate and it is common, also see if the team has other good players. In case there are no student recitals conducted, it is a red flag.

Interview the tutor

Set a time and meet the tutor with your child. It is best that your child accompanies you in the first meeting. Check with the timing as some teachers are very prompt about schedules and may dislike any delay. You can ask about their credentials, education or experience.

As you wish your child to learn under this music teacher, there is a need to know about the music teacher. If the teacher can teach various levels of music and will be ready to handle a beginner. Ensure the music teacher adheres to a curriculum. Understand about their way of teaching and how do they show their effectiveness. If you find it less convincing, move on to the next teacher.

Stay open to offering help

Ask the music teacher, what they expect from you. This is a must as initially some teachers may request a parent to come to the class not to supervise, but to give company to the child. Once your child is comfortable, parents can stop visiting or may visit as they like.

Parent’s interview

The teacher may also interview the parent and so be prepared to answer. An instructor or the music teacher now is responsible to handle a student, who is your child and so is keen to know if your child is willing to learn or is forced and pushed to learning. Music teachers will take the students and try to read their interest in music.


This is the final step after you confirm the location, cost, qualification, needs and professionalism. It is time to complete it with an agreement. Also confirm with your child if he/she is comfortable with the new music teacher.

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