Importance of Early Childhood Outdoor Play!

Do you know why physicians’ advice to let your kids play outdoor? It is because – the exposure to sunlight can help boost vitamin-D levels. Also, spending time outdoors may lower your child’s chances of being short-sighted. Surprised to know the benefits of the Sun? Yes, there are so many good reasons for encouraging your kid to play outdoors. However, the benefits to physical health are often documented but, there are many benefits to their mental health as well. This is why preschool Albuquerque has outdoor activities in their daily schedule for kids.

Why is Outdoor Play Encouraged in Preschool Albuquerque?

Playing outside will give your child a chance to explore the environment and have adventures. He can test his physical limits, build self-confidence, and express himself while playing his favorite game.

The preschools encourage children to enjoy the freedom of jumping, running and other physical activities, that are good for their health, physical development and fitness.

They simply will not let your child to the outdoor space, they will give some activities helping to boost their health and energy.

What are the Outdoor Play Essentials?

So, now we know the importance of outdoor play, let us now check out how to motivate kids to spend more time outdoors. There are some essentials for creating an outdoor play area which kids will adore, followed by pre k schools in Albuquerque NM.

Active Play:

Children love space to move. Providing toys and resources that encourage moving are great to keep them physically active. Despite using equipment like slide and swing, the preschool also gives them activities like balancing, jumping, hopping, bouncing and catching. There is no doubt that moving is vital for physical health and development of motor skills.

Sensory Play:

Encouraging children to play with tools for water, sand, and mud will support essential brain developments. Wondering how? When children are engaged with sensory experiences, their five senses will be eventually activated.

Just think outside the box, playing with bubbles, pebbles, leaf piles, and seashells will add to their outdoor sensory experience!

Creative Play:

Creativity just doesn’t end with painting or drawing. Music, building challenges, experiences and problem-solving opportunities are the main areas of focus in preschool age.

Time with Natural Elements:

Involving children in caring for the garden by teaching them how to look after and handle vegetation will help develop your child as a guardian of the world’s natural resources in the future. Helping to grow herbs and watering them regularly is a wonderful way to introduce them to the joy of life.

As a parent, you can try creating a playful garden along with your kid. This will help expand the child’s interest and natural curiosity about the world!

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