Everything You Need to Know About Design Schools

A design school is an institution where an individual can learn creative ways of expressing themselves through various forms of expressions. A general misconception the common man has about institutions are that design institutions are only for careers in fashion or interiors. Over the years, the course has changed a lot. A design school will teach theories and different ways to apply the teachings of products, environments and services. In a nutshell, design is just a way of solving a problem. Through education, the students will learn how to use practical methods, prior knowledge and talent to solve problems.

To complete a degree from a design school will take between three to five years. Degree courses will provide a combination of practical and theoretical skills. Generally, the majority of students who get into design schools opt for 2D or 3D, product or web design, fashion or textiles, or photography but there are courses that offer a broad overview of the whole process.

What can a student learn in a design school?

Design degrees offer a wide array of courses a student can learn. A student can learn graphic design, illustration, textiles, interior, fashion, product, animation, furniture, jewelry, computer game and theater design and much more. The approach towards how these courses are taught will differ between different universities and before choosing a course and a university, the student should research the different modules and possibility of industry placements, which are great for getting experience. A design school will help the student in tackling complex and difficult situations by providing them with the skills and guidance to handle such situations. Handling a project will allow students to make discoveries, be it a physical or a digital project.

What are the career options after a course from a design school?

The general public is under the false impression that the only career options for an individual graduating from a school is in the fashion or interiors industry. This is not true. In our day and age an individual graduating from a school has a lot of options for building a career. Some of the career options for a design school graduate are:

  1. Graphic designer
  2. Industrial designer
  3. Animation and games
  4. Creative director
  5. Illustrator
  6. Advertising art director
  7. Production designer
  8. Landscape architect
  9. Multimedia specialist
  10. UX designer

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