Early Childhood Education Program

Early Childhood education is still a “hard to understand” concept to most of the parents. Actually, early childhood education is a type of educational programs that serves the child in their preschool years, before they are old enough to enter kindergarten. This early childhood education plays an important role in a child’s development. As the society scenario changes, the education system required a drastic change. Early Childhood education fills the gap every child requires in this modern age.

What is Early Childhood Education?

A quality Early Childhood Education program includes some critical components. These components are

  • Address child health, nutrition, and family needs as part of a comprehensive service network.
  • Provides a well-rounded curriculum that supports all areas of development.
  • Assesses children to enhance student learning and identify corners.
  • Employs well -educated, adequately paid teachers.
  • Provides small class sizes and low teacher-child ratio.

So parents who wonder why young children need to be enrolled in the preschool will be rest assured that their child will only be benefitted by the early childhood education. Children placed in preschool programs are given greater opportunities to develop a wide range of skills, thus better preparing them for the additional challenges that will be presented in the kindergarten. Moreover, several researches show that the early childhood education is an excellent thing.

Now parents looking for a sound quality early childhood education centre should be skeptical about certain things. And these things are-

The center should have

  • a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment along with the supervision and guidance of competent caring adults.
  • It should engages children in purposeful learning activities and play, which is instructed by teachers
  • It should have a balance between individual, small group and large group activities.
  • Should provides nutritious meals and snacks
  • Should have teachers and staffs who regularly communicate with parents and caregivers.

All these above mentioned facilities are there in a pre-school in Delhi, that is located in the heart of Vasant Kunj, South Delhi. Dolphin Pod is a world class achievement center that provides a fun, interactive, and inspiring educational environment unlike anything children receive anywhere else. It is Asia’s first 21st century early childhood education centre for kids and parents.

By utilizing the latest nuero-scientific methods led by a team of child development and education experts, Dolphin Pod teaches kids the tools for lifelong achievement, well-being and success, with a focus on Innovation, Leadership and Wellness.

Dolphin Pod has a vast variety of games, activities and relaxation time that enables them to be future ready.

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