Choosing a Stream After 10th Class

Now just few months left and board knocking the door, students gearing for 10th exams to excel with good marks.

March end will provide them a pause after a year hard work but will leave them with a question to utilize the gap before admission in 11th class.

The question is which branch or stream and how to choose?

The question is legitimate and logical as stream will mould their course of career.

Let us understand the points that can help in deciding the streams for an individual:

1. Calibre:

It can be described as the potential a student believe in him or herself. It could be regarding sooner grabbing of a concept or might be calculation or reasoning ability.

2. Passion:

Student not only should study but also observe his or her nature and its reaction or stimulus to minute things in surrounding. He or she should understand the passion and relate it with career ahead. As job done with passion never create a stress while performing.

3. Counselling:

It is one of the important aspects in selecting a stream. Counselling can be by teachers, parents, seniors in school or career counsellor also.

4. Exposure of market:

Student should be smart to explore the market and set their goals with a vision after 5 years. They should understand the trend that would be their after they are graduate.

Hence, they should not select stream for upcoming two years but as a career path after graduation.

5. Marks:

These are last but not least as they are the main parameters that an institution will trace for admissions in various streams.

Streams available after 10th:

1. Science:

It is mostly for the brains aspiring for engineering or medical career.

Student with minimum 75% marks can apply for admission and can select maths for engineering line or biology for medical line after 12th.

Scope: Engineering, technical entrances, MNCs select for the technical profile, can be a scientist in DRDO or ISRO after higher studies.

2. Commerce:

It is the field of application of day to day life economy, from balance sheet of market to a budget planning all covered here.

Students having 60-80% marks can apply for admission.

Scope: Ample here, from a stock market advisor to relationship manager, CA, Accountant or bank manager, depends on course chosen in commerce after 12th. One can be in a management panel after completing MBA. Hons, BBA, BCA, MCA are some of the famous career options after 12th and lead you to career path. Hotel management is also a famous among the commerce students.

3. Arts:

Often called as humanities, marks criteria are less as compared to Commerce or Science.

Subjects like Sociology, geography, could be the main subject for IAS aspirants and hence can opt for art stream for foundation.

Job expectations are not instant result giving, one can start some sort of business side by side and prepare for future goals.


Hope these pints will clear all doubts and dilemmas while choosing stream after 10th class. It should be not a burden after selection but a decision should be displayed worthy if chosen and proving you are a right candidate.

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