Best Reasons to learn Core Java

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about core Java, through this piece of content, we will tell you some information and techniques that will help you to become a successful and adroit Java developer.

There isn’t any doubt that Core Java is one of the most esteemed programming languages of the world. It lets you create your career in different arenas of web and software development industry.

Let’s take an example of how we start our day. We start our day with the messages and different notifications coming from our mobile apps like WhatsApp, Instgram or Facebook. Whether you are using Facebook or WhatsApp, these applications are actually developed using Java.

Thus, it plays a crucial role in mobile app development and an important programming language to learn.

It is an essential programming language which gives us skills to develop useful and interactive software and applications. For any callow programmer, it is always recommended to learn start learning the core Java along with Cand C ++.

So let’s first know what is the core Java?

Core Java is an object oriented high level programming language which means anyone can read and write it. We use it to create applications and to make mobile games forweb industry.

It is an easy, secure and fast alternative to any other programming language.

In the current scenario, it is not only used in computers but also used for making TV, washing machines and automatic cars. Yes, you heard right.

In today’s time, whether we purchase something on anonline shopping store or use net banking method to pay, all these things have been done and are possible because of Java.

That is the main reason of popularity and importance of this programming tech.

Looking at the history of Core Java

You all know very well that Java is a computer based programming language. This language was coined by James Gosling and his fellow Sun Microsystems in the year of 1919.

Interesting fact to know – James Gosling is the actualman behind the creation of such a powerful language known as Java.

The main reason behind making this language was that there should be a programming language that can be written once and we can use it again and again.

Interesting fact: A very few people will know that the first name of Java was Oak, which was later changed to Java in 1995.

Now we will go over some important features of Java.

  1. Similar to other powerful languages, Java also supports and works on Object-oriented concept that is known as Oops. Using this concept, working with any web technology becomes very easy.
  2. It is a platform independent language. Meaning that it can run on every platform whether it is Linux, OS, Mac or Android.
  3. Security is a big deal when we run any application and Java gives us complete secure atmosphere to work in. It is no doubt a safe language since it states the imminent errors in advance.It is a virus free language that protects our programs from viruses.
  4. Last but not least, it is one of the easiest languages to learn, code and run.

Many more features are there.

Today, more than 3 billion people use Java. Therefore, it has emerged as a major programming technology for all callow developers.

Looking at the career scope, it is palpably seen that at this time there is a great demand in the industry for elite Core Java developers. And that is why Java developers are being recruited on a large scale in the technical industry.

Top qualities of an ideal Core Java training institute

  • The institute should remain in touch with new technology and industry and should form the course structure accordingly.
  • Faculty members must have at least 7-8 years of industry experience
  • Staff members should be polite and humble with students.
  • There should be one teacher for 4 to 5 students.
  • The environment of the institute should be learning and student-friendly.
  • Practice lab facility along with Wi-Fi.
  • Books and notes related to subjects should be given to students.
  • Classes should be conducted on both online and classroom modes.
  • Taught via projector or smart screens.
  • Special classes on important from guest faculties.

Closing remarks:

Learning Java is no doubt a key skill for you and to attain mastery on it, you are advised to join an ideal institute which possesses all the qualities mentioned above.

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